Application: vertical/horizontal
Installation: designed for verandas and other large glassed area. Optimum solar protection is obtained by reducing the greenhouse effect to a minimim
Headbox: CV140 heavy duty extruded aluminium headbox with removable cover and cast aluminium end cheeks
Roller tube: Ø 78 mm galvanized steel
Side channels: GVS extruded aluminium side channels, connected to plastic pulleys
Hem bar: FV92 traction bar in extruded aluminium with removable cover containing a pre-loaded spring to guarantee constant fabric tension in any position. PES HT 2.5mm wires run inside side channels. Traction bar mounted on ball bearings inside rail caps
Colour: White RAL 9010, silver anodized
Operation: M50 tubular motor 230V/50Hz, with top/bottom limit switches and mains cable, thermal cut-out and class IP44 water resistance. Switch excluded
Mounting: choice of mounting brackets for the installation on any surface (A,B brackets included. C/D/E on request)
Min. W 150 x H 100 cm  – Max W 450 x H 500 cm
Covering of large surface areas, up to 18 m² per module



Fixing brackets
H (cm)        n°
0 – 199       4
200 – 279   6
280 – 359   8
360 – 439   10
440 – 500   12


CE marking and conformity

EN 13561 :

Recommended fabrics


Black out

Veranda system References

  • Private house in Italy of veranda with cables
  • Gazebo
  • Nice SpA
  • Mazzini Gallery
  • Chamber of Commerce of Taranto
  • Private house in Greece with Veranda with cables
  • Auditorium of the Parco della Musica
  • Outdoor Experience
  • The future is here with Veranda Hi Tech
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Veranda system

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