Resstende per architects and contractors

Design, comfort, performance are some of the sensations that have inspired the development of our systems, mechanics and aesthetics are fused together with great simplicity in order to create a unique way of living with natural light.

Studying custom solutions; carrying out feasibility studies; taking measurements and providing solutions to unforeseen problems during the design and installation phases of a project: these are the cardinal points of the service we guarantee to our customers, professionals in the building trade.

Every partnership is an occasion for growth and not only a commercial transaction. We are always ready to exchange views and discuss solutions with architects and designers in order to improve our products. In fact, our technical know-how has been strongly stimulated by the need to find new and original solutions when working with some of the most renowned engineering and architectural studios.

In this website you can select the system that you are looking for, check its suitability for the job and even order the system via email to ensure a quick delivery.

Resstende S.r.l.

For further information and/or explanations please contact our technical office.

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