After R + T Digital, Resstende looks at the Shanghai fair

After R + T Digital, Resstende looks at the Shanghai fair

The German trade fair that annually attracts the best companies in the sector is now over. Resstende also participated with passion in the fully digital 2021 version, putting digitized materials and the experience of Riccardo Gasparini, CEO, flanked by Kenzo Tamada, Head of China Branch at the service of users.

«We took advantage of this opportunity to present Resstende as a company as a whole, without focusing attention on new products. The particular essence of the fair meant that we put the typical values of made in Italy that distinguish us at the center of our communication: tailoring projects, completely custom made creations and continuous innovation. We have used the platform in order to anticipate what we will announce over the next few years, creating attention to the latest news we have in store for 2021 », comments Gasparini.

No physical stand, but many digital pavilions organized to give the user a complete view of the fair in a few moments. Being able to talk to different interlocutors in the space of a screen: this is the advantage of the digital version of R + T.

«The platform was exceptionally created by the specialists of the Messe Stuttgart & R + T Alliance. Of course, it is not our habit to actively participate in 100% digital fairs, but 2021 has put us in front of this challenge. Challenge that was accepted with interest by all the management. In retrospect, probably the ideal solution would have been that of a hybrid format, to still allow direct contact, albeit minimal. Experience has shown that this is the future, even if personal meeting with customers and suppliers is always fundamental for us, because only in this way can we create a feeling with the person in front of us », comments Tamada.

Once the all digital experience of R + T 2021 has been archived, we look to the next step. The Shanghai meeting will be held at the SNIEC Exhibition Center between March 24th and 26th. Thanks to the Asian branch with on-site team, Resstende will not fail to be present also on this occasion.