These are called Overhangs sometimes because of their Structure and where they are found. Ever imagined what an extra extension that looks like something which could fall off easily is? Just calm down and read this, you will relate better.

An awning is like an attachment on the exterior wall of a building. It can be made up of something woven, and other times Cotton which is laid over either an aluminium or a steel material that is transparent. It needs roughly just six inches of open lengthwise wall or roof space. They require very little maintenance or none at times. Awnings are used to cover outdoor areas for outdoor events like receptions, parties and other events – often used for this function by Restaurants and Hotels.

The history could be associated way back to the Ancient Egyptians and also the ancient Syrians. The ancient Chinese also added it to their palaces not only for aesthetics but also as a walking path around the palace. They were woven mats used to shade stalls at markets and also at home. They became more common in the 19th century and were already improved on at this time as they were made up of metallic materials or Timbers. In recent years, they’ve become readily available and of course very affordable as a result of industrialization.

Do you know that Retractable awnings can bring an enhancement to one’s backyard for a whole year round usage? Here are some of the uses of awnings. One must note that the benefits are not for residential properties alone but also includes professional properties like restaurants. For instance, a shopkeeper or owner can use it for shading which is dependent on the weather condition. They could also be used against an intense sun, sudden storms or a heavy wind. They also regulate the Temperature of the inside and make it cooler depending on the material used to make them – this is a cheaper buy when compared to an air conditioner, sure?  They prevent Sun from damaging some materials like furniture and also serve as a shaded covering for kids and pets and can be used on playgrounds to increase the possibility of excitement even when the weather is unfavorable. It can also increase the seating capacity for businesses which in turn generate more traffic and revenue. Awnings also give houses owners an opportunity to enjoy some activities which could be done with less consideration of the weather. An example is eating in the rain; you would be in a shaded place and of course not disturbed by the rain. Awnings turn the architecture of a home around and make it into something extraordinary, especially when the best colours suited to that of the house is used.

Awnings come in different shapes and sizes, each one with a function of its position and this gives builders an array of options to choose from. These types are:

  • Propulsion
  • Aluminium Awnings
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Retractable Patio Cover Systems
  • Retractable Lateral Arm
  • Retractable Drop Arm
  • Portable Awning
  • Pop up canopies

Resstende offers a range of solid and elegant awnings designed for outdoor installations, for verandas and other large horizontal or sloped glassed areas. The awnings have a specially designed traction bar to guarantee constant fabric tension in any position. Resstende awnings may be installed side by side and a double module is possible with only one motor. Upon request, we will tailor our awnings to meet any specific needs and will assist contractors, retailers and architects in the development of new projects.

Resstende Srl is specialized in awnings