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Resstende embraces the PizzAut inclusion project

PizzAut, a social inclusion laboratory run by autistic children, is active in Cassina de’ Pecchi Milan. Each of them, after a first phase of training together with psychologists and educators, carries out the most appropriate task for their abilities and peculiarities by becoming part of the pizzeria’s staff, thus acquiring autonomy and self-confidence. Resstende did not hesitate to support the initiative promoted by Nico Acampora, the founder of PizzAut.

The three keywords that best describe Resstende’s project are: functional, simple and intuitive. The boys perceived a feeling of greater order and this is very important for autistic people. The choice of the curtain has allowed those who are inside to see outside, guaranteeing the right privacy from external eyes and thus providing greater protection for children. The choice of white alternating with red proved to be absolutely centered and successful, as it makes the place a relaxing and bright environment, while at the same time creating an atmosphere of belonging.” the comment of Nico Acampora.

The installation consists of 13 internal screens roller blinds: F112 model, with metal chain. Resstende has set itself the goal of ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for both customers and the team of young people who work there. For this reason, white was chosen as the predominant color enriched by red which represents the lively identity of PizzAut. Maintaining the internal brightness, the clear and shading fabric ensures an optimal view towards the outside, attenuating the intensity of light and heat that invaded the location.

In particular, the curtains are fixed to the wall with 52 x 80 mm fixing brackets and white PVC bracket covers. The F21 backdrop is also white in color and made of extruded aluminum with PVC caps. The selected fabric is the Soltis 92 shading, white color cod. 38044 and Soltis 96 red color cod. 39855: shades that integrate harmoniously with the decor of the location, giving freshness and natural light to the environment thanks to the 4% opening factor that characterizes the microperforation of the fabric.

It is an Italian class 1 fireproof material with a high tenacity micro-cable structure that guarantees superior resistance to elongation and tearing. Characterized by a superior aesthetic and mechanical longevity, the fabric has an extreme flatness and an easy-to-clean surface perfect for a room dedicated to the catering sector.

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Resstende among the protagonists of the Fensterbau Frontale 2022 fair

Resstende among the protagonists of the Fensterbau Frontale 2022 fair

The world’s leading trade fair in the sector was an important opportunity for Resstende as it was able to present its wide range of solutions combined with the latest textile innovations.

The Fensterbau Frontale 2022 fair, held from 12 to 15 July in Nuremberg, is organized by ICE – Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian companies. It is mainly aimed at the world of doors, windows, facades and related technology, and stands out as an internationally renowned event aimed at operators in the world of doors and windows.

The Resstende company was attended by Riccardo Gasparini, Managing Director & Export Manager, together with Kenzo Tamada, China Branch Director & Export Manager, and Simone Cazzaniga from the Export Department, confirming the strategic positioning of the company in the international scenario of the most important operators and trend in the industry.

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Resstende supports the LuOgo project promoted by Edilpiù

Resstende is always on the lookout for innovative ideas, and once again has not missed the opportunity to support an extraordinary initiative. “LuOgo – Building the common space” is the new project conceived by the horizontal collective together with Edilpiù, the installation that will animate the historic center of Lugo in the province of Ravenna during the summer season.

The goal of the project is to offer a multifaceted meeting place, an intimate and public space at the same time, giving life to an open-air room. It is a perfect example of how a temporary micro-architecture can act as an element of aggregation in the city.

Resstende supported the building of the structure by providing technical shading able to screen the perimeter area, constituting a real arena. The fabric chosen is the shading Sunscreen Satinè 5500 in linen color – cod. 30020 with an opening coefficient of 4%, which guarantees the right atmosphere, fitting perfectly into the surrounding natural context.

The initiative is part of the broader corporate project to enhance the area and its beauties, a fundamental aspect that Resstende has always supported.

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Resstende, technical partner at the service of Stefano Boeri studio

Resstende, technical partner at the service of Stefano Boeri studio on the occasion of the exhibition “Who is on stage! One hundred years of shows in Ostia Antica (1922-2022)”

The Roman theater in Ostia Antica hosts from 21 May to 23 October 2022 the exhibition “Who is on stage! One hundred years of shows in Ostia Antica (1922 – 2022)”

Thanks to the contribution of Studio Stefano Boeri Architetti, which took care of the design of the exhibition modules, and of Resstende, technical partner for the textile screens to protect the modules, it will be possible to discover the exhibition itinerary of the exhibition, where the numerous materials of archives that philologically trace the long history of the theater.

Resstende was chosen by Electa, the publishing house that took care of the design of the exhibition, thanks to Anastasia Kucherova, Special Project Coordinator at Stefano Boeri Architetti, for the supply of 16 textile bands to ensure the best solar and solar protection inside the forms. The 4 site-specific designed display modules saw the intervention of the company, specialized in technical roller blind systems, which proposed a fabric that allows light to go in and at the same time to protect from external agents.

Resstende, under the coordination of the sales manager Saverio Mini, responded to the need to create a scenographic backdrop for the entrance to the modules. The fabric chosen by the Studio is the shading Sunscreen Satiné 5500 in anthracite color – cod. 30030, with an opening coefficient of 4%. The graphic design of the exhibition was developed by graphic designer Irene Bacchi of Studio Sonnoli in Rimini and the white screen printing on the fabrics was subsequently carried out by the company Califano Pubblicità from Monza.

The dark color of the fabric allows it to retain heat and is ideal for lowering the temperature inside the individual display modules, to ensure the right atmosphere in order to best enhance the historical artistic evidence on display. For each structure there are four textile bands, cut following the vaulted profile of the module and allowing a better crossing of visitors. The maximum coverage of the sheets, in height, is 5 meters up to a total of 3 meters in width.

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Resstende for Milan Design Week 2022

Resstende is among the exhibiting brands of the event that was held from 6 to 12 June at the Foundation of the Order of Architects of Milan, during Milan Design Week 2022.

The intangible could be associated in a figurative way with the submerged portion of an iceberg, an essential and predominant part that is located below the waterline and is hidden from the eyes, but which materially exists and has an absolute fundamental value. To express this concept in the design and architecture sector, the S2 ARCHITETTI studio has chosen to enhance the invisible aspects of product design, first of all by sensitizing companies, with the aim of bringing out the added value expressed by energy, emanating from the intangible world.

The concept was made manifest through the application of a coloured label to each product displayed, which stood out from the neutral and monochrome colours of the objects themselves. On each label, the people who had participated from the conception to the realization of the single product were displayed, with the indication of quality scores linked to individual intangible aspects of the processes. Finally, the product received a total score equivalent to the amount of positive energy accumulated during the entire journey.
Following a design comparison with the S2 ARCHITETTI studio, Resstende’s presence was manifested through the installation, on the windows of the Foundation, of a dozen fabrics printed with the faces of HOME ITALIA partners and collaborators, including that of Riccardo Gasparini, manager director of Resstende.

The fabric chosen by the Studio was the Soltis Horizon 86 , in the snow white color cod. 39690, a PVC coated polyester with an open factor of 14%. Flame retardant, in Italian Class 1. The Soltis Horizon 86 has a high tenacity polyester micro-cable structure that guarantees superior resistance to elongation and tearing and no deformation during installation and use.

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Resstende alongside the new livinWOW design platform

From the visionary thought of the founders of Milano Contract District, an unprecedented project was born, capable of responding to the new housing demand, intercepting the tastes and needs of future generations through exclusive services and products of the Design System.

Resstende, thanks to the solid collaboration with the Milan Contract District, participated in the livinWOW event, which was held in Milan on Tuesday 31 May 2022, an opportunity to talk about the project destined to change the home design of tomorrow’s Real Estate.

The new livinWOW design platform comes to life to respond to the growing residential offer of new concepts for rent and for sale, which, thanks to the integration in the housing offer of a package of interior design services and products, gives the property an immediate and greater appeal for those looking for a new home.

The environments are the focus of the event on Tuesday 31 May, as it was an opportunity to directly communicate the contents of Livinwow through the preview screening of a “Wow movie” to continue with a fast talk directed by Giorgio Tartaro. Music, cocktails & live cooking accompanied the journey inside the scenographic settings of the showroom. It was not a traditional press conference, but an evening to talk about a project that presents a strong degree of innovation in contemporary living in a new way.

We are enthusiastic and have no doubts in confirming our participation in Livinwow. Thanks to the solid collaboration with Milano Contract District we have been present in some of the most important references and new buildings in Milan. Together with the CEO Fabio Gasparini we thank Lorenzo Pascucci for having involved us to be part of this wonderful project.” the comment of Saverio Mini – Resstende Sales Manager.

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Resstende partner of the “Winter Games Hospitality & Development” project, summit for the development of the hospitality sector.

Resstende partner of the “Winter Games Hospitality & Development” project, summit for the development of the hospitality sector.

Investments and Hospitality: the summit for the development of the hospitality sector “Winter Games Hospitality & Development” was held in Cortina on 18 March on the opportunities for relaunching local hospitality.
Resstende, partner of the project, discussed it together with large developers, including international architects, independent structures and political institutions. In fact, the project, conceived in 2020 by MC International, brings together in a series of appointments, scheduled until the end of 2025, large real estate developers, architectural firms, independent hotel structures and companies in the construction and design industry, in order to create a network of excellence of heterogeneous professionals.

The day highlighted the opportunities for the relaunch and correct destination of mountain accommodation complexes, intended both as services, sports and urban, and as hotels, apartments in short-rental mode or bed & breakfast.

Interesting event with a good participation of professionals and experts in the sector. The first session showcased stimulating case histories where architecture at the service of sport leads to urban regeneration. In the afternoon, however, important representatives of the Hospitality sector discussed the relaunch of mountain accommodation, following trends and investments in the Real Estate sector. An event / meeting / discussion that allowed Resstende, among the event partners, to come into contact with professionals and international firms, too“, says Riccardo Gasparini – Managing Director & Export Manager Resstende.

The concept of the summit fits perfectly with Resstende’s vision and its expertise in the hotel sector, in which today solar shading plays a fundamental role in ensuring the comfort of guests. The company is strong in a corporate tradition characterized by the effective ability to create custom solutions through a fascinating and advanced design and production process, where pure innovation blends with meticulous tailoring, thus enhancing creative freedom and functional aesthetics.

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Cinema in Theatro | The Importance of Being an Architect, 2nd March, 2022

Cinema in Theatro 02.03.2022 | The Importance of Being an Architect.
Screening of the film and comparison with the protagonists.

What will be the role of architecture in the society of the future? And how to manage the challenges of an increasingly pressing climate crisis? These are the central themes of the documentary “The Importance of Being an Architect”, the first event of the 2022 season of Theatro, scheduled for March 2 starting at 6 pm. A documentary film on the Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV) studio, conceived as dialogue virtual and musical journey that investigates the responsibility of architects in building the society of tomorrow.

Resstende, which continues its collaboration with Theatro – container of events and conferences dedicated to architects, industry experts and enthusiasts, located in the heart of Brianza in Verano – for 2022 – will be present at the screening of the film. To follow, a moment of confrontation with the protagonists.

Patricia Viel (co-founder of the ACPV studio), Claudio Raviolo (ACPV partner) and Giorgio Ferrero (one of the directors of the film) will in fact be some of the speakers who will animate the evening promoted by the company, which well represents the visionary and ambitious approach of the company, specialized in providing 360 ° solutions to operators in the sector.

March 2, 2022
Registration at 5.45 pm
Documentary screening and comparison at 6.00 pm | 8.00 p.m.

c/o Theatro
Via Petrarca, 20 – Verano Brianza (MB)

On reservation.

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Resstende technology meets the iconic Mid Century style of Borgo Sant’Andrea in Amalfi

Resstende technology meets the iconic Mid Century style of Borgo Sant’Andrea in Amalfi

Resstende is one of the protagonists of the intense work of relooking and renovating an enchanting refuge in the heart of the Amalfi Coast: Borgo Sant’Andrea, a luxury residence where design and craftsmanship create a refined atmosphere of enormous charm.

A unique destination, which invites its guests to relax, immersed in the scent of olive and lemon trees in the gardens overlooking one of the most enchanting views in the world. 45 rooms and suites, private beach and pier, 3 restaurants, beach club and fitness center: all the spaces in Borgo Sant’Andrea are aimed at creating an immersive and multisensory experience.

The aesthetic language of Borgo Sant’Andrea expresses the great quality of Made in Italy in every aspect, declining it in different and harmoniously combined ways: the iconic Mid Century style, emblem of Italian design, meets here the great tradition of regional craftsmanship, jointly interpreted and celebrated throughout the structure by leading local and international design and architecture experts in the sector.

Resstende comes into play in this attentive and personalized Italian Mood: chosen for the distinctive precision and quality of its completely custom made products, the brand has managed to give a high value component to a very high profile project. The one for Borgo Sant’Andrea in fact stands out for being an ambitious and extremely sought-after realization of synthesis between Italian style, local charm and natural beauty: on this occasion Resstende was able to express all its know-how in terms of integrated design, combining solutions highly technological and aesthetic research.

The shading system designed by Resstende fits with rare elegance within a Luxury Hotel context, setting its roller systems between the characteristic village of Conca dei Marini and the beautiful mountains of the Amalfi Coast.

Resstende screens: horizontal canopies overlooking the sea
In the project, Resstende screens are expressed as horizontal veils with traction systems and cable guides. The key principle that guided the design was to combine a functional need dictated by the nature of the location overlooking the sea – resistance to strong winds – with an aesthetic research aimed at enhancing the stylistic principles of the project while creating a continuous dialogue with the outdoors.

The result is impressive: a clean and hi-tech design, elegantly inserted in the context, between rocky backgrounds and floral cascades of the splendid Borgo Sant’Andrea garden.

Each canopy is enriched by the Traction Kit System, the exclusive forced traction device designed specifically for outdoor systems in order to give effective tension to the fabric in horizontal applications. Housed inside the FD75 backdrop, the Traction Kit system, by means of gas pistons, ensures greater stability to the roller blind outdoors, even in the presence of strong wind.

There are eight systems installed, all motorized. All the structures are painted in white RAL 9010 and the brackets have been designed according to drawings to better adapt to the existing iron structures.

Starscreen is the innovative shading fabric used for the project, whose exceptional qualities make it unique in its kind. Not being coated with PVC, it shows a pleasant textile hand, which combined with its dimensional stability, always makes it perfect in its appearance and particularly similar to the world of furniture and architecture.

The pleasant transparency also allows you to modulate solar glare without taking away the light from the rooms. The white of the textile leaves the gaze free to fully enjoy the outdoor areas in full comfort and overlooking the sea, protected from direct sunlight.

8 horizontal systems Dallas CT 135 with Traction Kit Device and RTS radio operated motor 230V / 50Hz
Dimensions: W 280 x H 420 cm approximately
Single and double anchoring brackets specially designed

Shading fabric: Starscreen made of 100% solution-dyed PET FR for outdoor. White colour cod. 08015. Thickness 0.52 mm, weight 220 g / m2, with an opening percentage of 3.5%. Flame retardant in Italian Class 1.

Architect & Designer: Bonaventura Gambardella
Interior Designer: Nikita Bettini
Kitchen Designer: Andrea Viacava
Màkia Landscape Architect: Philip Adiutori

Fabio Di Carlo

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