Resstende for the appointment of Casabella Formazione

Having partnered with Theatro since its foundation, Resstende continues to partake in the webinars organised by the most innovative hub in Brianza. In this case, it is the cycle of meetings organised with the collaboration of ProViaggiArchitettura and Casabella Formazione.

The meeting, held in digital webinar mode, took place on Thursday, 22nd April. The event focused on the presentation of the new paediatric hospital built in Entebbe, Uganda. Even if things did slow down in the latter stages, THE PROJECT INVOLVED THE INSTALLATION OF A RESSTENDE SUNSHADE TO BLOCK EXCESSIVE RADIATION WITHIN THE STRUCTURE. Fabio Gasparini was amongst the promoters of the collaboration with Emergency: “It has not yet been possible for us to see the complete installation in person but, of course, looking at the photographs of the completed installation was truly exhilarating. We have selected products that are durable and easy to manage on a daily basis. Given the physical distance between Resstende and Entebbe, a team of local maintenance workers was trained to counteract the effect of dust on the text and on the handling mechanisms as well as to increase the durability of the entire construction.”

During the event “The ways of building 2/3. Construction site experiences”, details of the Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe project were revealed, thanks to the operations of the design team comprised of RPBW (Giorgio Grandi), TAMassociati (Raul Pantaleo) and Emergency (Roberto Crestan), together with Casabella (Camillo Magni and Francesca Serrazanetti).

Companies partnering with Theatro to have taken part in the project participated by answering questions and providing interesting titbits. In addition to Resstende were Thema, Schüco Italia, Pellinindustrie, AGC and Schneider Electric. 

Watch the webinar on YouTube: CLICK HERE

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Resstende presents its new site! The new version of digital showcase for the company in Agrate Brianza has recently been made available online, with a USER-FRIENDLY website that is fast, bearing an entirely intuitive interface for navigation that can be enjoyed without impediment.  

The new website has gone live, one year after the presentation of the project for the new corporate headquarters, set to become the company’s physical showcase in 2022. The operation forms part of the OVERALL RENEWAL OF THE COMPANY’S CORPORATE IMAGE and the activities for the digital transition of the company, coming one after the other in a continuous stream of innovations. 

The decision to give a new look to the site arose from the need to always keep up with arising market demands and to render the contents usable for all users, individuals and architectural firms. Motivating the stylistic reinterpretation of the visual aspects was the goal of achieving a fresh, young and innovative result, along with the inclusion of exclusive content. 

Visit the new website by CLICKING HERE

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A 110-m² physical stand, a team dedicated and attentive to the needs of all visitors, the presentation of the latest innovations in terms of fabrics and headboxes – these are the aspects that rendered Resstende’s presence at the first physical fair of 2021 a success. 

THANKS TO THE RESSTENDE SHANGHAI NOOSA HEADQUARTERS, LOCATED IN THE HEART OF THE CHINESE CITY, THE AGRATE BRIANZA COMPANY WAS ONE OF THE MAIN PROTAGONISTS OF THE EXHIBITION EVENT. “The permanent staff in Shanghai was of fundamental importance, both in handling the preparations and throughout the course of the fair. We are grateful to every collaborator for the efforts demonstrated at this venue for the success of the event in grand style,” comments RICCARDO GASPARINI, Managing Director of Resstende. 

The exhibition at R+T Asia consecrated the company’s presence amongst the protagonists of the Chinese scene. Appreciated by international visitors, as well as by Asian designers, companies, architects and design studios, Resstende proved to be up to the challenge. “It was truly invigorating to have attracted such a vast and attentive audience to the latest innovations on display, in particular the square headboxes and the new fabric collections. We were able to give life to a project focused on the importance of harmony with the headquarters in Agrate Brianza, adapted to the needs of the Asian and international public. This has allowed us to give voice to the strong connection with the headquarters, whilst also being firmly interwoven in the Asian economic fabric. Hence, ONE PARTNER, DOUBLE THE BENEFITS,” comments KENZO TAMADA, China Branch Director & Export Manager.

Resstende is already looking towards the future and to the new opportunities waiting around the corner. Furthermore, the proposal of the local trade fair body, VNU Asia based in Shanghai, has been welcomed with great pleasure. Given the success of the Resstende stand during the 2021 edition, the company was entrusted with constructing a stand that would be even more captivating in an exceptionally advantageous area of the Chinese pavilion during the next edition of R+T Asia.

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The Emergency Children’s Surgery Centre is progressing day by day. Since 2017, Resstende has been involved in the design of the paediatric hospital that will be a hub of excellence for the entire continent. The facility will offer free treatment to the population and will be a centre of reference for Ugandan patients and children with surgical needs from all over Africa. STUDIO RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP DESIGNED THE HOSPITAL STRUCTURE IN COLLABORATION WITH TAMASSOCIATI, BUILDING ACCORDING TO THE TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUE TYPICAL OF THE BATTURA PISÈ EARTH THAT IS FIRST EXCAVATED THEN COMPACTED, GUARANTEEING RESISTANCE AND STABILITY. Everything revolves around the earth, with its intense ferrous red colour. The idea behind the Studio RPBW project is to boost pride in this ancient technique, using the same construction principles as traditional houses but in an innovative way.

«We were truly thrilled when the last sunshade system was installed in the new building that will house the Emergency Children’s Surgery Centre,” FABIO GASPARINI, CEO OF RESSTENDE, remarks with pride. “Reaching this stage is always anticipated with great trepidation but in this case, it is amplified by the nature of the project itself. This hospital will bring great benefits in a complex nation such as Uganda. Every detail of the realisation of the roller systems for the Paediatric Surgery Centre in Entebbe was carried out scrupulously and under my direct supervision. Being part of this project as donors is a great honour for me and for all of Resstende.».

The installation of Resstende’s 85 BOSTON 110 roller blind systems has to patiently wait for the hospital construction to be completed. The BOSTON system, being designed by Resstende for façades, is presented as an elegant yet highly technical motorised system, specifically developed for external applications on curtain walls. Selected for this project was the CT110 round headbox and round FD42 hem bar in extruded aluminium, suitably weighted. The upper and lower mounting has been completed with brackets designed ad-hoc for this particular construction. Each system is motorised with a 230V/50 Hz – 15 Nm motor.

THE FABRIC SELECTED BY THE ARCHITECTS IS THE SHADING SUNSCREEN SATINÉ 5500, with an openness factor of 4%, composed of 42% fibreglass and 58% PVC, being fireproof as well as having excellent lightfastness (7/8) and good dimensional stability. THE COLOUR CHOSEN IS ORANGE, CODE 0909, which is well suited to the nuances of this area.

«We look forward to being able to personally visit this health and medical reception centre, to whose realisation we have contributed with great joy,” », concludes Gasparini.


Uganda – Entebbe, Uganda

From 2013–2021


  • 85 roller blind systems model Boston CT 110
    • 5 systems L 185 x H 194 cm
    • 24 systems L 125 x H 331 cm
    • 28 systems L 125 x H 220 cm
    • 28 systems L 125 x H 215 cm
  • Fabric: Sunscreen Satiné 5500 – orange colour, code 0909.


RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Studio TAMassociati

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R+T goes digital. So does Resstende.

BETWEEN 22–25 FEBRUARY 2021 the unprecedented and captivating DIGITAL VERSION OF R+T will take place. As the most important fair in the sector, a new entirely digital schedule has been created to host suppliers and customers in an innovative environment.

Due to the obvious restrictions imposed due to the health emergency, the virtual fair has almost become commonplace.

Resstende at R+T Digital

Guests attending R+T Digital will have at their disposal virtual exhibition stands where they can get directly in touch with exhibitors. Thanks to the creation of digital avatars, it will be possible to exchange ideas and comments through direct chats. Resstende will be virtually present thanks to Riccardo Gasparini, Managing Director & Export Manager, and Kenzo Tamada, China Branch Director & Export Manager. THE RESSTENDE DIGITAL STAND IS WITHIN THE EXTERNAL SUN PROTECTION AND INTERIOR SUN PROTECTION PAVILIONS.  

The exhibition

Exhibitors have the opportunity to partake in an extensive range of forums and a broad programme of specially-designed conferences. The fulcrum of this innovative format is the R+T Innovation Award 2021. The competition includes the presentation of all winning companies in a completely digital setting. The themes that will comprise the entire programme supporting the fair include, amongst others, gastronomy, crafts and architecture.

Not to be overlooked is that all content uploaded on the platform and presented during the four days of the fair will remain available online. Indeed, these stands will be digitally accessible until the next edition of R+T in 2022.

«After seeing out 2020 with a positive budget, despite the months of closure dictated by the health emergency, a truly unique 2021 is anticipated. Like Resstende, we continue to believe that direct encounters and human contact are a necessary component for business but under these particular circumstances, we are pleased to see that digital has made great strides in recent years. Thanks to continuous technological evolution, we can approach an international fair like R+T without having to leave our offices. Of course, this is all in anticipation of future meetings in person», comments Riccardo Gasparini, Managing Director. «Thanks to ICE – the Agency for the promotion and internationalisation of Italian companies abroad – we have been able to access the R+T Digital services. Thanks also goes to all associates of Assites, of which Fabio Gasparini is President, and ACMI, with Nicola Fornarelli as President, with whom we will take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity. The objective of this collective participation is precisely to strengthen promotion abroad and the internationalisation of Italian companies», concludes Riccardo Gasparini.

Copy the following INVITATION CODE:

Paste it HERE and create your profile.

Confirm your profile by email then take part in the digital fair at no cost!

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Resstende has selected Shanghai as the bridge to the Asian market. At the head of the branch founded in the Chinese city is Kenzo Tamada, China Branch Director & Export Manager. QThis office is the motor for all subsequent moves that Resstende will make in Asia and throughout the world.

«Shanghai represents a focal point for many industry categories and product sectors in the Asian and global market. Divisions such as the R&D, Marketing and Social Media of the largest multinationals have a base in this metropolis. It is no coincidence that the most important brands in the fashion market have their best boutiques in Shanghai and an innovative industry like Starbucks has opened a café that is amongst the top 5 largest points in the world. These are some of the considerations that have been analysed for the strategic choice in establishing the new branch in Shanghai», states Kenzo Tamada. «The symbiosis with local colleagues Afa Chan (General Manager) and Jin Zhang (CBO) was fundamental for our operations».

From the outset, the collaboration between Resstende and the on-site collaborators has been linked to the project being developed in Hangzhou JNBY HEADQUARTERS of the RPBW – RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP studio, with which there is a long history of collaboration. «RResstende has been managing the provisions of the specifications with RPBW and has been creating mock-ups in the Genoa office for more than a decade. This means that the collaboration is now tested on both fronts, even for projects with an international scope/em>», remarks Kenzo Tamada. «The way forward has already been forged thanks to the fundamental work in collaboration with the major local and international architectural firms, such as RPBW. Amongst the projects underway is the submission of Resstende specifications as part of tenders for local projects. The implementation of global technology has made digital work much easier for us to be present in the area and, above all, to continue to expand the reputation of the Resstende brand to the Asian market through active participation in various meetings and conventions», explains Tamada.

«The Resstende Shanghai Noosa site is structured and managed in a coordinated way between the managerial figures present in the Agrate Brianza headquarters and the collaborators who permanently look after the Chinese branch. Daily discussions are fundamental for the organisation and training procedures, both for Resstende China personnel and for our internal management. This is without forgetting the sharing of know-how and the implementation of new knowledge to be proposed each day to the market», concludes Tamada.


In the Shanghai branch, there is great excitement throughout this period. After the return following the health emergency, which was most felt in China at the beginning of 2020, new projects of great interest have loomed on the horizon. «At the moment, we have some interesting projects under development and currently being defined with some large international and local architectural firms. We are creating solar shading with the Boston and Traction kit systems, to be fitted on the skylights of a shopping centre. We are also working on the installation of motorised roller systems for the project of the new Alibaba headquarters, a construction of great architectural interest», explains Chan.

RESSTENDE SHANGHAI NOOSA’s target of reference is predominantly comprised of architectural firms and businesses dealing with the construction and maintenance of the façades of high-end commercial buildings, headquarters of large companies, as well as Research & Development hubs throughout China. Compared to the requests of the Italian market, the main difference concerns the type of requests, which are more commercial than residential. «QThis is one of the reasons why the most requested roller systems are sunshades suitable for façades – for example, the Dallas and Boston models, with their exclusive design and highly technical features. The innovative ZIP system is one of the top models. Thanks to the perfect sliding of the fabric within the lateral side channels and the constant retention of the fabric within the struts, it is possible to cover large dimensions, guaranteeing exceptional wind resistance, perfect acoustic and thermal insulation and total blackout on request. Last but not least are the requests for L1 SERIES BLINDS WITH SIDE CHANNEL that are specially designed for outdoor applications», concludes Zhang.

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Resstende is a company well-rooted in the Lombard and Italian economic fabric but for the next two years, it aims to have an increasingly strong presence in certain target markets at an international level.

China remains one of the main focuses in the expansion strategy. The Resstende Shanghai Noosa headquarters, coordinated by KENZO TAMADA, is seen as the springboard for expansion across the Continent. A physical presence at the edition of R+T Asia set to be held in Shanghai in March 2021 will be fundamental.

«Being able to resume direct contact with customers is fundamental for us. Digital is a valid and useful tool for maintaining relationships with counterparts all over the world in this moment of emergency but nothing is like a physical encounter. R+T Asia is the first step towards the much-desired return to normal operation», comments Fabio Gasparini, General Manager of Resstende.

The other target markets analysed range from Europe to the American continent. “At Resstende, we do not set limits and are ever attentive to the development of new possibilities. In Europe, there are still niche markets in which we are emerging as the name of reference. To find good fortune, it is not necessary to cross oceans – just the Adriatic Sea. The Balkan countries and Greece are currently experiencing strong expansion in our sector, whilst new awareness is developing regarding design and high-quality solar shading. Moving to a diametrically opposite context, the United States and Canada are proving to be excellent partners for large-scale and highly-resonant projects. MADE IN ITALY, by which we have always been distinguished, is the quality most sought-after and appreciated by customers abroad. In order to conquer international markets, it is necessary to focus on the quality deriving from the attention to detail and the love that the artisans instil in their products,” concludes Fabio Gasparini.

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The challenges that have arisen throughout 2020 have prompted Resstende to rethink in order to better adapt to the new needs for safety and reliability; to guarantee a healthy workplace for employees along with a product bearing the quality standards that distinguish RESSTENDE to its customers.

With the end of this year just around the corner, the GASPARINI family wishes to thank all those who continued to support Resstende in the most complex moments and those who never stopped thinking about the future in an optimistic and visionary manner.

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This particular and difficult year is coming to an end.
We thank you for your confidence in us
as we wish you all the best of fortunes,
health and success.

To instil hope, we wanted to support research
with a donation to the Istituto dei Tumori in Milan.
Only together can progress be made.

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The very central HOTEL DEI CAVALIERI DI MILANO has undergone an important restoration with a contemporary touch. Objective: the refurbishment of the interiors and the creation of additional floors dedicated to the rooms. The project, by the ONE WORKS Studio, also saw the creation of a panoramic restaurant located on the tenth floor of the building. The new space needed a sunshade that did not impede but actually embellished the breath-taking view of the Milanese skyline.

In coordination with Architect Pietro Bagnoli of Studio ONE WORKS, Resstende studied a completely custom-made solar shading system able to coherently integrate with the historicity of the building whilst bearing the right degree of hi-tech innovation.

The Resstende Project Managers ANGELO FURIA and ROSSELLA GEROSA have commenced with the installation of 90 roller systems: 44 horizontal and 46 vertical sunshades. The plates, at the tip of the glazed roof, were designed to serve as housings for the cables of the horizontal sunshades and as a headbox for the vertical sunshades. Thus, they must be able to combine the cables of the horizontal sunshades and the headbox of the vertical sunshades in a single solution.

The DALLAS model with a round CT 135 headbox and TRACTION KIT 75 was chosen to screen the horizontal glazing. These elegant motorised systems with an exclusive design and high technical characteristics were specifically designed for external applications on curtain walls.

For the vertical systems, another 46 Dallas models were installed with a round CT 110 headbox and the Traction Kit 55, as the exclusive forced traction device designed for outdoor systems in order to give effective tension to the fabric in vertical and horizontal applications. Capable of counteracting the power of the wind with the controlled energy of the gas pistons housed in the round hem bar, the system ensures greater stability to the shade mounted outdoors.

The choice of textiles fell to the white/silver texture of VUSCREEN CATANIA – code 31968, which, with sophisticated elegance, fits into the design of the terrace of the Hotel dei Cavalieri, letting the city skyline shine through without visitors being dazzled by the light and, at the same time, without obscuring the breath-taking view. Made of 100% polyester, it has an openness factor of 4%, excellent lightfastness and a water-repellent characteristic, being ideal for outdoor installations.

Chronology: 2017 – 2020
Location: Milan, Italy
Client: Generali Real Estate
Design: One-Works
Photo: © Diana Lapin

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