Resstende created and installed 106 solar screens for Casa dei Ragazzi, the healthcare residence in Olgiate Molgora managed by IAMA Onlus intended to host 40 children with disabilities in the little city of San Zeno.

Angelo Vismara, Resstende sales technician, comments: “We have paid a lot of attention to the needs of guests, trying to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that promotes their well-being and tranquility. In this case, rollers blinds play a fundamental role in interior design, adding a touch of warmth and personality to spaces but above all providing visual and thermal comfort to better enjoy the environment“.

Inside the rooms dedicated to the children, 71 NANO roller blinds with a grey structure have been installed, equipped with a double box, thanks to which the passage of light can be regulated both from below and from above for even more effective and comfortable protection .

In the common areas, however, 35 RESS FLEX 01 motorized roller blind systems have been installed, specifically designed for external applications.

We are proud of the final result and hope that the shades will help make the facility a pleasant and comfortable place for guests. – concludes Angelo Vismara, Resstende sales technician – We are always available for any future needs and we are certain that the blinds will represent an effective and functional choice over time.”

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Reinvent the tourism-hotel sector of our country and generate tourism by guaranteeing inclusion and hospitality. These are the main themes of the “Welcoming Gate: Projects & Development” event in which Resstende, together with BT Group, participated on 21 and 22 September.

The Grand Hotel Savoia in Cortina D’Ampezzo was the stage on which architects and professionals from the hospitality sector gathered with the aim of creating a constructive dialogue, in the framework of the event presented and moderated by Marisa Corso, CEO of MC International.

The assignment of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic Games to Italy offers an unprecedented opportunity for the rebirth and development of the territory, an opportunity that will result in the construction and improvement of structures and infrastructures dedicated to tourism, as well as to hotel expansion in our country.

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On Tuesday 26 September Resstende hosted Il Circolo delle Imprese, welcoming its President, Alessandro Fiorentino and the General Director and Head of the Building Area, the Architect Silvio De Ponte.

The Business Club was born in 2015 from the idea of a group of friends determined to create a free place within which every entrepreneur is free to express what distinguishes him most – genius, courage, creativity and sense of sacrifice – and share its needs so that it can be supported and, in turn, be a support for other entrepreneurial realities.

Riccardo Gasparini, Managing Director of Resstende, commented on the meeting: “Welcoming Il Circolo delle Imprese was a source of great pride and satisfaction for us as it allowed us to exchange and discuss with great professionals, with a view to networking, sharing mutual expertise and growth“.

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Resstende is the protagonist in collaboration with Thema in the design and installation of the external and internal solar screens of the single-family private villa designed by architect Maurizio Varratta in Nervi. A residential project that stands out for its quality and sustainability, combining respect for the natural environment and the surrounding urbanization with a modern design and the use of recycled and recyclable natural materials.

The large, eco-sustainable building consists of two floors characterized by large windows that constantly connect the interior spaces of the house with the surrounding garden.

Angelo Vismara, Resstende sales technician comments: “The design of the external shields has allowed us to further improve the energy performance of the project by reducing both direct sunlight and the passage of heat inside the house“.

Externally, Resstende installed 7 motorized roller blinds model Dallas 110 with round box in extruded aluminium, heads and stainless-steel cable guides. As fabric was chosen the shading Sunscreen Satin 5500 gray – cod. 30001, consisting of 42% fiberglass and the remaining 58% PVC, completely fire retardant. Its aperture factor is 4%, perfect for avoiding solar glare and ensuring excellent outward view, with a UV shielding value of 96%.

Saverio Mini, commercial technician Resstende adds: “For all windows a shading fabric with natural tones has been used, while for night environments a blackout fabric has been added to preserve the privacy of those who will live the environments of this residence. In the interior of the building there are 9 systems of curled curtains for the interior on tear track to protect the large windows, with manual movement to adjust, if necessary, the entrance of light with a simple gesture“.

Inside, moreover, the installation has provided 7 roller shutters NANO system with double box and grey structure RAL 7037 opaque. To screen the walk-in closet, stairs, and bathroom, the shading Cadans fabric has been selected in white – cod. 87004. In the room on the ground floor, however, we find the fabric blackout Aspen gray – cod. 10055.

Angelo Vismara, Resstende sales technician, concludes: “NANO is the friction roller blind with roller mechanics that integrates directly into the frame without drilling the window. Completely covers the glass, filtering the sunlight and avoiding the blades of light typical of curtains applied distant from the frame. A smart and compact solution that allows to keep the windows intact, guaranteeing functionality and visual comfort within the environment“.

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In the brick wall of the restaurant Pizzaut in Monza

Resstende’s support in the design of PizzAut restaurants continues: the new social inclusion space in Monza, after that of Cassina de Pecchi, is also equipped with custom-made solar shading.

For the setting up of the interior spaces, Resstende has created 21 solar shading model F 101 with metal chain operation equipped with a stop to ensure the management of the curtains in complete safety.

Angelo Vismara, Resstende sales technician comments: “We have worked on a design that is attentive to the needs of the public, that is the people who will attend this special restaurant, but also to all those who work there. We followed the project from the embryonic stages of development alongside the architect Carlo Orlandi – continues Angelo Vismara, commercial technician Resstende. – His expertise, combined with the efficiency of the team of our installers, has ensured high standards of quality and aesthetics for the new local Monza“.

Gionata Bilardello, area manager Resstende comments: “We have proposed the same colour choice of the curtains made in Cassina de Pecchi, not only to respect the stylistic coherence between the two rooms, but also to recreate a family atmosphere to the beautiful team of guys who work there, helping them to settle immediately in this new space“.

In particular, for the protection of the large windows divided into 5 windows have been made 16 screens with white cloth – cod. 38044 and the remaining 5 with red cloth – cod. 38255, alternating colours just like in the headquarters in the province of Milan.

The fabric chosen is the Soltis Perform 92, shading and with opening factor 4% that characterizes the micro-perforation of the cloth. Offering excellent transparency from the inside, along with excellent glare control avoiding heat ingress up to 97%.

Nico Acampora, founder of PizzAut concludes: “Also this time the support of Resstende was fundamental, whose curtains have shielded the windows completely obscuring the view from the outside and ensuring the confidentiality and protection necessary to host our President of the Republic during the opening event of the second restaurant PizzAut after that of Cassina de Pecchi.”

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On Tuesday 20 June, Resstende and BT Group hosted in their respective production spaces a delegation of retailers and designers of the company Loft 05, a reference point in Settimo Torinese for consulting, design and purchase in the market of interior and exterior windows.

Roberto Lupi, Sales Manager Italy Resstende: “To let touch the stages of the production of our products to the professionals who every day propose our solutions to the public. With this objective we accompanied our guests to discover the technologies that we use daily in the design, packaging and assembly of our products, increasingly tailored to meet the needs of our customers“.

At the end of the day the guests were accompanied to Milan where they were able to observe one of the most important installations of Resstende: the Zip roller blinds that characterize the building where the Feltrinelli Foundation is housed in Viale Pasubio. A project that includes 384 solar screens that required a particular technical development using the Traction kit system, given the inclined geometry that characterizes the facade of the building.

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On Thursday, June 15th, the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservators of the Province of Vercelli organized in collaboration with Cattaneo srl a seminar dedicated to Outdoor and Standards.

Riccardo Gasparini, Resstende managing director, spoke with a speech entitled: “Exclusive systems and custom projects for solar screens” through which he presented the innovative and custom made solutions offered by Resstende to meet the different architectural and environmental needs that combine functionality, design and optimal performance.

Solar shielding has become increasingly important in modern buildings, both aesthetically and functionally – said Riccardo Gasparini, Resstende managing director – They can help reduce direct solar radiation, indoor overheating and energy consumption for cooling, thus improving indoor comfort and contributing to environmental sustainability“.

In addition to Resstende, the seminar offered architects, planners and conservatives the opportunity to learn about the realities: BT Group, Axalta and Federlegno together with the latest news on regulations and directives on solar protection, emphasising the importance of complying with existing regulations to ensure the safety and compliance of installations.

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On Friday 9 June was held the second edition of the series of meetings Winter Games Hospitality & Development, with Resstende being the main sponsor. The initiative was implemented by MC International, the body led by Marisa Corso that offers a team of professionals specialized in architecture and design in support of medium-sized companies and public bodies for the consolidation of its presence in the territory and in the conquest of new markets.

During the meeting “Welcome to Valtellina – Hospitality and tourism beyond sport” held at the Chamber of Commerce of Sondrio was deepened the role of Valtellina in the Olympics and Paralympics in Milan Cortina 2026. The strategic and institutional context, the development and financing opportunities for tourism in Valtellina and the fundamental role of hospitality and welcoming for this event that, it is estimated, will attract between 100 and 130 thousand tourists.

Riccardo Gasparini, managing director of Resstende: “Milan Cortina 2026 is an unprecedented opportunity for our country. The organization of an event of this caliber brings with it a series of economic and social benefits that will be a catalyst for the development and growth of numerous realities that have always operated in the territory. Here we are, therefore, at the forefront of supporting the design of the new sports and accommodation facilities designed to welcome visitors, athletes and organizers“. 


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Just in these days Resstende participates for the first time and together with ICE at the Project Qatar fair that is held in Doha from May 29 to June 1. The Doha International Exhibition, for over 20 years, offers its contribution to the development of the construction industry in Qatar and beyond.

Project Qatar is one of the most renowned and busiest construction fairs, connecting major buyers from Qatar and the Persian Gulf with suppliers from all over the world. The event attracts key influencers and industry leaders in search of the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment available on the market.

Riccardo Gasparini, Resstende managing director comments: “This year, for the first time, we have approached this important exhibition. For us, participation in Project Qatar, like the other events we take part in during the year, is an ideal platform for the growth of our business, the opportunity to generate new contacts with companies of all sizes and backgrounds”.

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Resstende was received as sponsor at the second edition of DesigNight organized by Medelhan.

After the successful events in Milan and Miami, Medelhan, the community that brings together the main architects, designers, producers and investors from five continents has created an exclusive evening of networking and inspiration dedicated to professionals in the city of Naples.

Riccardo Gasparini, managing director of Resstende: “We are excited to have participated in this great event. DesigNight is an opportunity for us to get in touch with industry experts and to engage with innovative furniture and design projects. We spent a great evening, with good music and good food, a unique opportunity for networking, inspiration and celebration“.

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