Destination: Shanghai!

Destination: Shanghai!

Resstende selected Shanghai as a bridge city to the Asian market. At the head of the branch founded in the Chinese city we find Kenzo Tamada, China Branch Director & Export Manager. This office is the core of all the next moves that Resstende will implement in Asia and throughout the world.

«Shanghai represents a focal point for many categories of industries and production sectors in the Asian and world market. Departments such as R&D, Marketing, Social Media of the largest multinationals have a base in this metropolis. It is no coincidence that the most important brands in the fashion market bring the best boutiques back to Shanghai and an innovative industry like Starbucks has opened a café that is among the top 5 largest points in the world. These are some of the considerations that have been analysed for the strategic choice to found the new branch in Shanghai », comments Kenzo Tamada. «The symbiosis with local colleagues Afa Chan (General Manager) and Jin Zhang (CBO) was fundamental in our action».

The collaboration between Resstende and the guys on site has been linked, from the beginning, to the project that is being developed in Hangzhou JNBY Headquarters of the RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop with which there is a long history of collaborations behind it.. «Resstende has been managing the specific prescription with RPBW and has been installing mock ups in the Genoa office for more than a decade. This means that the collaboration is now tested on both fronts, even for projects of international scope », comments Kenzo Tamada. «The way forward has already been traced thanks to the fundamental work in collaboration with the major local and international architectural firms, such as RPBW. Among the projects in progress, we find the requirements of the Resstende specifications in the tenders for local projects. The implementation of global technology has made digital work much easier for us, to be present in the area and above all to continue to expand the reputation of the Resstende brand on the Asian market through active participation in various meetings and conventions “, explains Tamada.

«Resstende Shanghai Noosa office is organized and managed in a coordinated way between the managerial figures present in the Italian headquarters and the collaborators who permanently look after the Chinese branch. The daily interview is fundamental for the organization and training procedures both for Resstende China personnel and for our internal management. Without forgetting the sharing of know-how and the implementation of new knowledge to be repeated daily on the market”,concludes Tamada.

Resstende from the point of view of Chinese collaborators: Afa Chan – General Manager Resstende Shanghai; Jin Zhang – CBO Resstende Shanghai

In the Shanghai branch there is great excitement in this period. After overcoming the health emergency, which was most felt in China at the beginning of 2020, new projects of great interest have loomed on the horizon. “At the moment we have some interesting projects under development and definition, with some large international and local architectural companies. We are making solar shading with Boston systems and traction kits, to be placed on the skylights of a shopping center. We are also working on the installation of motorized roller systems for the project of the new Alibaba headquarters, a construction of great architectural interest “, explains Chan.

The target audience of Resstende Shanghai Noosa is mainly made up of architectural firms and realities that deal with the construction and maintenance of facades for high-end commercial buildings, headquarters of large companies, research and development centres throughout China. The main difference, compared to the requests of the Italian market, concerns the type of requests: more commercial than residential. «This is one of the reasons why the most popular roller systems concern roller blinds suitable for facades, such as the Dallas and Boston systems, with their exclusive design and high technical content. The innovative ZIP system is one of the top models. Thanks to the perfect sliding of the fabric in the side guides and the constant retention of the fabric inside the guides, it allows to cover large dimensions, ensuring exceptional wind resistance, perfect acoustic and thermal insulation and total blackout on request. Last but not least, the requests for guided blinds of the L1 series which are specifically designed for outdoor applications “, concludes Zhang.

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