Fabric compositionFibreglass 34%, PVC 48%, PVC laminate 18%
Fabric width (cm)300
Openess factor3%
Weight (g/m²)645
Thickness (mm)0.70
Breaking strength (daN/5cm)warp 205.7 daN/5, weft 169.8 daN/5
Tear strength (daN)warp 9.0 daN, weft 9.90 daN
Fire retardant classC1 (IT) - M2 (F)
MaintenanceClean with soapy water
gtot valueFeel free to contact us to get the gtot solar factor (glazing + shading) depending on the glazing of your building project


The data and the colours in this page are for information only and may not be considered as binding.

09002 white

09007 white - pearl grey

09707 pearl grey

09102 grey - white

09301 oyster shell

09101 grey

09110 grey - charcoal

09010 charcoal

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