Soltis 99 Master

Soltis 99 Master

Fabric compositionPolyester PVC coated
Fabric width (cm)177 cm - *267 cm
Openess factor3%
Weight (g/m²)290
Thickness (mm)0.32
Tear resistance (daN/5cm)Warp 11 - Weft 13
Colour fastness (ISO105-B02)7/8
Fire retardant classC1 (IT) - M1 (F) - B1 (D) - BS 7837 (GB)
Maintenanceclean with a damp cloth
gtot valueFeel free to contact us to get the gtot solar factor (glazing + shading) depending on the glazing of your building project


The data and the colours in this page are for information only and may not be considered as binding.

*39901 colour/colour Foam

*39903 colour/colour Quartz

39905 colour/colour Clay

39911 colour/colour Light Gray

39915 colour/white Black

39924 Foam

*39925 Quartz

39927 Hemp

*39928 Sand

39930 Green water

*39944 colour/colour White

39947 colour/colour Anthracite

*39955 White

*39958 Light grey

*39959 Sivler

39965 colour/colour Hemp

*39968 Anthracite

39973 Medium gray

39988 Clay

39989 Ash

39990 Chestnut

39991 Zenit

39992 Apricot

39993 Paprika

39994 Green Lotus

39995 Bamboo

39996 Hydrangea

39997 Fig

39998 Plum

39999 Pearl grey

Resstende S.r.l.

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