Sunscreen Satiné 5500 – Cool Collection

Sunscreen Satiné 5500 – Cool Collection

Fabric composition42% Fiberglass - 58% PVC
Fabric width (cm)250 cm
Openess factor4%
Weight (g/m²)520 ± 5%
Thickness (mm)0.75 ± 5%
Tear resistance (daN/5cm)warp >10 , weft >9
Tensile strength (daN/5cm)warp >170 , weft >170
Dimensional stabilitygood
Fire retardant classC1 (IT) - M1 (F) - B1 (D) - BS (GB)
Maintenanceclear with a damp cloth
gtot valueFeel free to contact us to get the gtot solar factor (glazing + shading) depending on the glazing of your building project


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30111 charcoal/gray

30201 white/gray

30211 sand/gray

30221 linen/gray

30618 green apple

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