Sunscreen Satiné 5500

Sunscreen Satiné 5500

Fabric composition42% glass fiber - 58% PVC
Fabric width (cm)220/250 (other widths upon request 160/190/285/320)
Openess factor4%
Weight (g/m²)525 ± 5%
Thickness (mm)0.75 ± 5%
Tear resistance (daN/5cm)Warp 10 - Weft 12
Tensile strength (daN/5cm)Warp 280 - Weft 170
Colour fastness (ISO105-B02)7/8
Solar energy reflection (%)5-60
Dimensional stabilitygood
Smoke reaction classF4
Fire retardant classC1 (IT) - M1 (F) - B1 (D) - BS (GB)
Maintenanceclean with a soap and water using a sponge or brush
gtot valueFeel free to contact us to get the gtot solar factor (glazing + shading) depending on the glazing of your building project


The data and the colours in this page are for information only and may not be considered as binding.

30002 white

30027 white pearl

30007 pearl

30012 grey white

30010 sand

30020 linen

30102 white sand

30M45 pearl - white - sand

30110 grey - sand

30006 bronze

30M38 black - white - grey

30001 grey

30111 black - grey

33006 black - bronze

30030 grey charcol

30M64 sand - yellow - linen

30705 pearl - yellow

30018 grey orange

30019 grey - mandarin

30740 pearl blue

30140 grey - blue

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