FOR SALE – 2005 Cutting Machine

FOR SALE – 2005 Cutting Machine

FOR SALE – 2005 CUTTING MACHINE | 05/09/2012. 

Due to the forthcoming  purchase of a new cutting machine, Resstende offers its customers the possibility of buying one of their current machines:


_Conveyorized cutter machine for fabrics.


_Incorporated fabric storage system, mounted under the machine, stocks 30 rolls.




SERIAL N.: 0104005


VOLTAGE: Three phase 380V – 50Hz


POWER: 7500W


YEAR: 2005


DIMENSIONS: 3,5 x 11 m


Cost: € 15.000


contact our technical office +39 039 6846144 or mailUFFICIOTECNICO@RESSTENDE.COM


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