MCD continues the partnership with the contract specialist

MCD continues the partnership with the contract specialist

The collaboration between Resstende and Milano Contract District continues in 2019, a project born on the solid foundations of the Contract System but evolved to offer a package of new services built on the needs of the residential Real Estate market. This creative laboratory inspired by shared design is the place where new and pragmatic projects involving the company have come to life. The constant commitment of MCD has led this reality to become a reference point for the most important construction sites in Milan and beyond.

The collaboration with MCD and its collaborators and professionals is a stimulating opportunity for Resstende. Lorenzo Pascucci, brilliant genius of this ambitious project, is an important reference point for the company for the development of this business segment on the Milanese area.
Anticipating trends and the evolution of taste by creating ad hoc projects is the most appreciated feature, an integral element of the “Dna of the company”, which Resstende strongly wanted to highlight through its presence in MCD. To date, Resstende has positioned itself in the contract sector where customizations made on site become the starting point for future standard lines.

Inside The Apartment, Resstende solutions blend with the beauty of the objects and the various elements present in each room. In this housing concept the individual objects have a symbolic representation that goes beyond the materiality of the object itself and each room has a precise meaning and tells whoever lives its story.

In the sample houses and on the MCD construction sites that see the intervention of Resstende, the proposal is calibrated according to the type of project. For roller blinds, the company has selected from its range the Colortex fabric as the most suitable choice to meet the needs of light in the interior. For curtains instead, a fabric 100% linen with its softness and lightness continues to be among the best sellers. The nature effect of textiles adapts perfectly to the interiors designed by MCD, accompanying the proposed living areas and furnishings.

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