Mid-year report, the point of view of General Manager Fabio Gasparini

Mid-year report, the point of view of General Manager Fabio Gasparini

At the Agrate Brianza headquarters, the sums of an exciting first half-year are being drawn, which confirms Resstende’s position among the most authoritative players in the sector. The technical solutions have been received with great appreciation and are the demonstration of the continuous attention to technology and functional comfort, the two diktats from which each Resstende project moves. Innovation and research, in an international perspective, are everyday history: with the opening of the new headquarters in Shanghai Resstende proves to be a firm reality in the territory and at the same time oriented towards the world. Positive spirit and renewed enthusiasm are the two feelings that transpire in the interview given by General Manager Fabio Gasparini.

– Based on the performance of these first months, what forecasts can be made for 2019?
Many projects, many new product entries and original solar shading systems have won the interest of architects and designers, already customers but also new, certainly attracted by our professional know-how but also by our ability to customize the solutions for every single need . In fact, in some cases, we were able to provide, directly at the fair, our advice and support for the implementation of specific projects.

– From your review does it increases and in which sizes the attention of the users towards the solar screens? Should more be done to make it grow?
The roller blind is becoming increasingly important in the project and not as a mere aesthetic complement to an environment or an architecture but as an integral part of the project itself. The shade, in particular the roller blind, is no longer a complement but an integral part of the project. It is aesthetics, functionality, practicality in the movement, it is a “work” that characterizes and personalizes the project every time. We are increasingly moving towards a future where in the design of spaces in structural and furnishing terms, the study of screens will also be included. Precisely for this reason the role and the mind of the designer are of fundamental importance.

 – The national market remains complicated. What does it mean to grow today?
The perfect symbiosis between design and functionality is the premise of every business progress in the production department. The most substantial evolutions concerned the research and development department, where great projects and customized realizations are born for the most famous architectural design companies in the world with which the company collaborates and which, once developed, become the subject of standard lines in the catalogue.

– Innovation is a competitive advantage. Research is carried out into new types of outdoor solar performance shades. In your opinion, how is the product evolving from a technological and aesthetic point of view?
In Resstende, thanks to our in-house R&D department, we can always create new products and new solar solutions, responding to the needs of a market that is constantly evolving. For the textile sector, there will be new collections of shading, darkening or metallic textures such as the M-Screen Ultimetal, waterproof like the Solar, acoustics such as the Novo Acoustics or the new range of the Screen. Even small changes, like the widths of fabrics, become important alternatives in the design field.

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