MUSE offices

MUSE offices

The Quartiere delle Albere district, the site of a former Michelin factory, is now a new part of the city of Trento. This transformed post-industrial brownfield site now shares many characteristics with Trento’s urban fabric – the clear hierarchy of the design, its functional stratification and an overall similarity in the size of buildings and materials used for their construction. This urban renewal project has reconnected the city to its natural context, which in Trento is defined by the nearby Adige River and Monte Bondone. This new district, for a long time physically separated from the city centre by the railway, now feels psychologically closer. The Quartiere delle Albere is a home for MuSe, the new Sciences Museum, serving to reinforce the cultural identity of this area of Trento.

24 solar shading systems were installed inside the futuristic building of the MUSE – Science Museum of Trento. Resstende was called in to find an effective solution to the problem of glare inside the MUSE offices, which are not completely sheltered by the sunshades installed externally.
System: 24 Boston System with headbox CT 110 and Traction kit 55 
Dimensions: W 173 x H 210 cm | W 173 x H 300 cm
Fabric: Sunscreen Satiné 5501 – cod. 32707 – Pearl

Location: Trento, Italy 
Architectural design: RPBW
Chronology: 2019
Supplier: Tendastil Snc

CREDITS: Photo by Fabio Di Carlo

©Archivio Muse Museo delle Scienze_foto Matteo De Stefano