Only the best for the new Emergency hospital in Entebbe

Only the best for the new Emergency hospital in Entebbe

The new Emergency Children’s Surgical Hospital dedicated to the care of children and young people from all over the African continent took shape in the city of Entebbe, Uganda. International reference point for surgery, it was built on a project by the RPBW studio, TAMassociati and selecting suppliers and products of the highest quality. This choice was dictated to ensure maximum performance and durability of the structure over time.

Resstende‘s contribution was conceived in the context of the reduction of internal radiation and therefore of the containment of cooling costs and maximization of the liveability of the internal environments. Resstende’s project involved the installation of solar shading systems applied to the external windows of the building. 85 Boston CT110 systems have been studied for the great elegance that distinguishes them and for the specificity regarding external application on curtain walls.

«The theme of the darkening of the sun’s rays in a peculiar environment like that of Entebbe is fundamental. Reducing irradiation allows considerable energy savings and makes the whole environment more welcoming and liveable. Our solar shading systems can be considered as an architectural complement that goes beyond pure “design” and merges with functionality. We have learned that collaborating with the partners who have taken part in this project makes exceptionality “normal” », comments Fabio Gasparini, CEO of Resstende.

The shading system designed for this realization is constant in its essentiality, while in the specificity that concerns every single detail, up to the electrical wiring, it is absolutely first-rate. Given the objective difficulties caused by the distance and the pandemic situation, it was necessary to build every single part in order to get to the end without any hitch. The challenge was to be there and to be able to solve problems even at a distance, studying each case in collaboration with the great technicians who collaborated on the project.

Resstende has therefore created a product that integrates with the basic architectural idea of the RPBW studio, that is a solar shading for the reduction of the greenhouse effect inside the building, resistant and durable over time and characterized by taste and minimal design to become an integrated part of the building itself. The strength of the project was the training of the staff on site, to allow the continuation of ordinary maintenance operations, without the necessary direct intervention of our technicians. Thanks to the valuable collaboration with Nice, an Italian multinational international leader in the Home Automation, Home Security and Smart Home sectors and long-time partner, the 85 Boston CT110 systems were equipped with as many motors from the Nice Era Star range.

Crediti di progetto
Photographs: Emergency / Marcello Bonfanti

La costruzione dell’ospedale è stata sostenuta da:

Agatos, AGC, Alessiotubi, Castelli Food, Duferco Travi e Profilati, Enel Greenpower, Simona e Franco Giorgetta Architetti paesaggisti, Ingretech
J&A Consultants, KSB, MAEG, Mapei, Milani, Milan Ingegneria, Pellini industrie, Performance in Lighting, Perin Generators, Prisma Engineering,
RC Termo Idraulica, Resstende, Safic Alcan, Santerno, Schneider Electric,
Shüco, TAMassociati, Tecnotubi, Theatro, Thema, Zinchitalia, 8 xmille Chiesa Valdese

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