Onna House: eco – sustainability even in the solar screens

Onna House: eco – sustainability even in the solar screens


Onna House is the first permanent building of social aggregation built in Onna, a village affected by the earthquake in 2009 that devastated L’Aquila city and other countries in the area.
The new townhouse, designed by STUDIO ARCHITETTI MAR ( arch Giovanna Mar), focuses attention on the quality of the project as a key point of the transformations of the territory.

Resstende participated in this important project by providing locals with their own sun screens, both interior and outdoor applications: 53 sunscreens, exclusive design and high technical content .
The designer Angelo Furia has developed theBOSTON SYSTEM to fit the architectural needs of Onna House.


Other models of shields, chosen based on the orientation of the façades, were used to make the best use of natural light to create a feeling of brightness and whiteness and to contribute to save energy.



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