Outdoor awnings compulsory for energy saving legislation!

Outdoor awnings compulsory for energy saving legislation!


31% of Italy’s electricity, and 44% of its combustible energy consumption is used by the residential and commercial sectors. Most of this is employed for heating of buildings in winter and air conditioning in summer. Indoor and outdoor lighting accounts for roughly another third of the public electrical bill!

The 192/2005 legislation, modified by the 311/2006 decree, in accordance with the European standard 2002/91/CE, defines the principles, conditions and methods for improvement of building energy requirements with the aim of encouraging the development, promotion and use of renewable energy sources. The decree also contributes towards the national objective to limit gas emissions and relative greenhouse effect as defined by the Kyoto protocol.

The decree introduces the requirement to release an “energy certificate” for all new buildings over 1000sq.m. The existence of suitable sun protection systems must be planned at the design stage and  the legislation emphasizes the fundamental role of the blind (outdoor or indoors) in reducing the need for air conditioning during the summer months.

Legal requirement as from 1st July 2007.

A respective “energy classification” will be assigned to each building that relates to its energy requirements in terms of heating, air conditioning, lighting etc. It is therefore important that designers and architects  carefully evaluate all the factors that can help to obtain the highest possible class. A higher classification translates in:

  • higher market value of the property
  • better tax concessions
  • reduced lighting and heating costs

For an efficient regulation of the temperature in a room the blind should be mounted outdoors. However the efficiency of the blind depends not only on the type of blind but above all on the type of fabric used. The important fabric characteristics are:

?         Openness factor 3-10% : a more open fabric permit better air circulation and greater transparency

?         Thermal protection : dark colours are better (greater absorption) for outdoor blinds and light colours for indoors (less absorption and better reflection)

The most suitable fabrics for this purpose are : SUNSCREEN and SOLTIS.

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