Application: Mechanical device for horizontal or inclined applications
Installation: Indoors (with Cable guided Series L1, Series L3, Freehanging boxed blinds Series SG)
Operation: long steel ribbon spring with constant curvature that maintains the same couple in any position
Mounting: above blind, below blind, laterally
Dimensions: 126 x 60 x 63 mm

The Conston system is suitable for use with indoor motorized blinds, designed for vertical, horizontal or slanted windows where forced operation (against gravity) is required. The Conston spring is a long steel ribbon with constant curvature that maintains the same couple in any position, unlike traditional spiral springs where the couple increases exponentially in relation to the spring extension.
Small sized box containing the Conston spring (126x60x63mm). Maximum flexibility: suitable for use with various blind models; the Conston unit may be installed in any position (below or above the blind or laterally with the help of return pulleys).



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