DR 1401

DR 1401


Application: small horizontal/slanted windows. It may also be used on vertical windows where thw blind is required to open from the ground upwards
Installation: indoor use only
Headbox: two C90/CT90 extruded aluminum headboxes with removable covers and aluminium end cheeks
Roller tube: double extruded aluminum tube and compensating spring to keep the fabric taut in any position
Side channels: G80 extruded aluminum side channels with incorporated brush to reduce light infiltration. The fabric is retained inside the side channels with the use of Ø 4.5 mm steel reinforcement rods inserted in horizontal pockets in the fabric, roughly one every 90 cm
Hem bar: FG42 extruded aluminum flat hem bar with PVC caps and FG42R extra reinforcement bar
Colour: white RAL 9010, matt black RAL 9005, silver anodized
Operation: motorised operation; 230V/50Hz tubolar motor, with top/bottom limit switches and mains cable, Thermal cut-out and class IP44 water resistance. Switch excluded
Mounting: the blind is supplied with the side channels ready mounted on a 40x25x3 mm aluminium frame to facilitate installation
Dimensions: Min. W 80 x H 80 cm – Max W 120 x H 180 cm



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