R 403

R 403


Application: vertical
Installation: outdoors/indoors
Headbox: C105/CT105 extruded aluminum headbox with removable cover and powder coated aluminum end cheeks. For supplement end cheeks that permit the box to be fitted directly to the side channels or end cheeks for side mounting
Roller tube: Ø 60 mm extruded aluminum tube or Ø 78 mm galvanized steel tube with slot to facilitate fabric removal
Side channels: G80 extruded aluminum side channels with incorporated brush to reduce light infiltration. The fabric is retained inside the side channels with the use of Ø 4.5 mm steel reinforcement rods inserted in horizontal pockets in the fabric, roughly one every 90 cm
Hem bar: FG42 extruded aluminum flat bottom rail with PVC end caps. FG42R extra reinforcement bar on supplement. FG42R compulsory and included in the price for widths greater than 4 m
Colour: white RAL 9010, matt black RAL 9005, silver anodized
Operation: motorised operation; 230V/50Hz tubolar motor, with top/bottom limit switches and mains cable, thermal cut-out and class IP44 water resistance
Mounting: ceiling, wall or mounting in recess. For supplement box self supporting on side channels or side mounting of the headbox
with Ø 60 mm tube: Min. W 100 cm x H 100 cm – Max W 350 x H 400 cm
with Ø 78 mm tube: Min. W 360 cm x H 100 cm – Max W 450 x H 260 cm
Reinforcement bar obligatory for widths over 400 cm



CE marking and conformity

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