SG 201

SG 201


Application: Vertical
Installation: Indoors
Headbox: extruded aluminum C55/CT55 box with backcover and white or black plastic end cheeks
Roller tube: Ø 30 mm extruded aluminum tube with slot to facilitate fabric removal
Bottom rail: FR23 Series 2000/FP33 extruded aluminum bottom rail with PVC end caps
Colour: white powder coated RAL 9010, silver anodized
Operation: Friction chain operation. Idler plug with retractable pin to facilitate removal of the tube from the brackets. Ø 4.5 mm PVC/nylon bead chain with 6mm pitch and incorporated child safety catch
Mounting: wall, ceiling
Dimensions: Min. W 60 cm  – Max W 160 x H 210 cm



Ø 1.2 mm perlon or Ø 1 mm stainless steel cable with zinc plated bracket for floor or wall mounting.


CE marking and conformity

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