SG 216

SG 216


Application: Vertical
Installation: Indoors
Headbox: extruded aluminum C105/CT105 box with removable cover and powder coated alluminum end cheeks
Roller tube: Ø 60 mm extruded aluminum tube or Ø 78 mm galvanized steel tube, both with slot to facilitate fabric removal
Bottom rail: FR23 extruded aluminum bottom rail with PVC end caps
Colour: white powder coated RAL 9010, silver anodized
Operation: Motorized, M50 230V/50Hz tubular motor with top/bottom limit switches and mains cable, thermal cut-out and class IP44 water resistance. Switch excluded
Mounting: wall, ceiling
With tube Ø 60 mm Min. W 80 cm – Max W 300 x H 400 cm
With tube Ø 78 mm Min. W 80 cm – Max W 450 x H 400 cm



Ø 2.5 mm stainless steel cable with cable tensioning block for window sill / floor mounting, or brackets for wall mounting.


CE marking and conformity

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