Wintermeeting 01

Wintermeeting 01


Application: any type of structure and may be adapted for vertical, horizontal, slanted or curved surfaces
Installation: indoor use only
Headbox: CM63 extruded aluminium cover box
Side channels: GM32 in extruded aluminium
Hem bar: FD21 round moving rails in extruded aluminium (roughly one every 40-50cm): the first rail is connected to a drag plate fixed to the drive belt; the other rail, connected one to another by the fabric, slide along the side channels GM32 and are dragged or pushed by the first rail
Colour: white RAL 9010, ivory RAL 1013, brown RAL 8017, matt black RAL 9005, silver anodized
Operation: double shafted motor series JA, single phase 230V-50Hz, adjustable range 85 revs, thermal cut-out, integrated limit switches and and IP44 water protection; mounted on an aluminium spindle connected to a pinion that moves a toothed belt (in plyurethane with high resistance cables) inside aluminium guides rails
Mounting: wall mounted with use of winged levers; supplement for wall mounted with suspended fabric (ideal for blackout solutions) or ceiling mounted with use of “L” brackets
Dimensions: Min. W 100 x H 100 cm  – Max W 200 x H 600 cm
with tensioning kit Min. W 250 x H 100 cm – Max W 300 x H 400 cm



Standard: wall mounting with winged fasteners.
B – Wall mounting with jointed slide units on request. Ideal for blackout fabrics.
C – Ceiling mounting with “L” brackets on request.


CE marking and conformity

Recommended fabrics


Dim out

Black out

Wintermeeting system References

Sistema Wintermeeting

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