Product conformity marking:

UNI EN13120: 2014

Armonia: the gladly blind sweetly mixed by technology and textile.
Comfort, Duo and Roll it are the three types of roll blinds of this new collection by Resstende, realized in collaboration with Tachikawa Corporation. This line is a prefect synthesis between Japanese technique and Italian Style, which take shape in this three modern innovative and essential product brand.

 pratical and basic blind, perfect for private and public environment, both for his silent motion by chain and for the possibility to reverse the maneuver side. Armonia blind can be fluidly and silently wrapped for a comfortable running of internal light for all day by day life needs.

DUO: the double blind , realized by two pieces of different textiles which are commanded by only one chain device. Resstende research has invested to find customizable solutions making this curtain chromatically elegant and gently covering. Thanks to the overlap of two different texture and the way to set light and shadow this blind guarantee a gradual and thermic comfort for home and office.

ROLL IT: this is the last type of Armonia line and it resume the other two blind features: the versatility of Comfort and Duo linear aesthetic. This roll blind can be easily adapted in any kind of spaces; from the maxi size to the less big, where details make surely the different!!

Armonia Textile Collection
All the solutions are available in match with Resstende Collection and Laylight (until 350 g/m2) textile range.

New Aesthetic
Metallic chain and magnetic satinized/frosted brackets give a new aesthetic touch to the brand that make all environments more personal and single.

Armonia, thanks the collaboration with Tachicawa Corporation, is the quality symbol of Made in Italy with a Japanese design imprint that present a fresh and sheltered state of mind because…. “Happiness is not an depth question but equilibrium between order, rhythm and harmony” (Thomas Merton) 

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