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Resstende has an expert technical staff capable of designing and developing custom roller blind systems according to the most recent European design standards.
We have worked with some of the best known international architects and engineering studios, tailoring our blinds to meet specific project specifications and developing unique solutions where necessary.


The TRACTION KIT is an exclusive forced traction mechanism designed to guarantee exceptional fabric tension, suitable for slanted, horizontal or vertical outdoor applications.
The system efficiently contrasts the force of the wind using the controlled energy of gas pistons situated inside the round hem bar.
The system is also suitable for blinds operating from the bottom upwards and other custom solutions, prior technical approval.


CONSTON is suitable for use with indoor motorized, designed for vertical, horizontal or slanted windows where forced operation (against gravity) is required. CONSTON spring is a long steel ribbon with constant curvature that maintains the same couple in any position, unlike traditional spiral springs where the couple increases exponentially in relation to the spring extension.


IRONSCREEN is a metal screen substitute made from interwoven stainless steel cables and rods suitable
for outdoor use on any glazed surface in any weather conditions. The metal screen has been designed specially for use with our roller blind systems.
IRONSCREEN eliminates the risk of tears due to excessive wind or ageing due to smog or UV rays that
fabrics are normally prone to, as well as guaranteeing efficient shading and reduced building costs for air conditioning.

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