Roman Shade System

Roman Shade System




Indoors only

Product conformity marking:

Resstende has the exclusive for Italy of a novel quality shading system : the ROMAN SHADE.
The ROMAN SHADE has been designed to high technical standards and allows two separate fabrics to be operated by a single chain.
Constant pleasure guaranteed by its slow, smooth and silent operation.
Quality and technology united to create an efficient and original product.
“One chain, double touch”: A single chain, two movements, for a simple adjustment of the rooms lighting and an elegant accessory to any decor.
Maximum drop 3 m.

models available

Child Safety Device_Resstende 22/05/2014

The Directive EN 13120 requires to the manufacturers and installers of curtains for indoor to respect strict safety requirements for the protection of children. It is applied to all internal blinds, except for those that do not have direct risks (those without rings, loops or chains free).
Resstende, always sensitive to the quality of the product is already long respectful of the law.

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