ZIP System




Indoors or outdoors

Wind Resistance:

Class 3

Product conformity marking:

The ZIP system is a patented system ideal for small or large windows in applications that require high wind resistance or total black out with no light gaps; suitable for both vertical and horizontal indoor or outdoor installations.
High wind resistance due to a welded zip that keeps the fabric firmly inside the side channels along the whole length of the blind.




models available

Movie Zip: shimming vertical guides 03/06/2014

For a correct sliding of the roller blinds, it is essential to verify that the two vertical guides are mounted perfectly vertical and parallel between them.

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Movie Zip: cut vertical guides 03/06/2014

Resstende, in case of lack of a specific measure, it is usual to deliver a pair of vertical guides slightly longer than indicatively required. Then It will be up to the installer to cut them precise at size. In this way, we provide a service that allows to the professionals to solve any problems on the spot.

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Roller blind ZIP Resstende_Installation in window vane21/05/2014

Zip by Resstende: roller blind for external use with side channels: exceptional wind resistance (class 3, the maximum possible). Black-out effect indoor. The roller blind is ideal for conservatories, greenhouses, hotels, shops, restaurants, offices and curtain walls.

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Roller blind ZIP Resstende_Installation face mounting21/05/2014

Zip system by Resstende: the technical roller blind guided with the innovative zip side channels. Thanks to its locking system, it completely closes the space on the sides, holding the fabric inside of the guides. Also available in large dimensions

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