Project for the Padre Pio Cathedral

Project for the Padre Pio Cathedral


The most particular aspect of the Padre Pio cathedral facade is the huge reproduction on Trevira CS fabric of the painting representing a few scenes from the Apocolypse, that is put into motion using roller blind systems manufactured by Resstende. The huge facade is composed of over 500 synchronised motorised roller blinds that permit the opening and closing of the facade. Every row can be operated separately to better control the amount of light that enters the cathedral based upon the position of the sun. The roller systems that control the movement of the facade have been custom designed for this project: one of the major difficulties was the operation of triangular or irregular shaped pannels, this was brilliantly overcome by using the Resstende”CONSTON” system.

Project: Padre Pio Cathedral ? San Giovanni Rotondo (FG)-Italy
Architect: Renzo Piano Building workshop (Genova, Italy)

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