A dip in color

A dip in color


L1 System + C105 – FD42


Arch. Alessandro Cois, Dott. Ing. Fabio Meloni, Dott. Ing. Patrizia Casula


Elmas, CA – Italy

The project designed for the S’Ortu & Foxi School in Elmes consists of a galaxy of gaudy tones and geometric shapes. The three large sections are brightly coloured – blue, green and red – and take on a sculpture like identity as the result of the light, which transforms the whole structure into a place to be lived, to be inhabited.
In this project the technical excellence of Resstende products perfectly amalgamates with the straight and hard lines of the three structural blocks. Using a graduated effect, made possible by the wide array of coloured fabrics, the school acquires even more character and the lively colours make a cheerful setting ideal for children.

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