Airyn_natural born in motion

Airyn_natural born in motion


Open – Air Installation


Marco Goffi & Resstende Srl


Fuorisalone 2015 – Milan

Airyn by Marco Goffi for RESSTENDE at Fuorisalone 2015
RESSTENDE confirms his relationship with the world of design and architecture with Airyn, a site-specific installation born thanks to the meeting with the designer Marco Goffi.
Airyn_natural born in motion will seduce, during the Milano design week, the urban area in Via Paolo Sarpi, at street number 60. It will be concentrated in one place and structured in two twin metamorphosis.
Two transformations of the same symbol, the kyte, chosen for its nature of element connected at the same time to open air and sun, like the principal product of the company, the roller blinds for outdoor.
Airyn integrates in the contest of the quarter like an homage to the cultural heritage typical of the area: the kyte, with his Oriental origins, will be a “gentle” visual instrument, metaphor of support to the balance among the in situ social dynamics.
The first intervention of the installation will consist of 5 towels suspended from the ground, fixed to the two fronts of the opposite buildings, as to identify a kind of protected urban area, rendez-vous of an unlimited number of free kytes – flown away from every towel and present in the absence of fabric – from whose vertex, the colored strips, the harness, unique vestiges of their existence before the flight, descend.
The second episode will be composed by an unlimited number of kytes which, after ideally detatching from the bulging towel, will lay on the façade of the overlooking buildings, creating a colored and apparently temporary texture.
Airyn is part of the open-air edition of FORM_TRANS_FORM, designed by Marco Goffi for PRESSO_Kook Sharing Experience, having, as his principle subject, the transformation seen as that particular moment, put between two different state conditions and dependent from each other, in one word the “in-between”.

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