House on Lake Iseo

House on Lake Iseo


ZIP System – Z series model Z 708 motorised


arch. Gabriele Gotti


Costa Volpino – BG, Italy

A zero impact, low cost building with an earthquake proof modular structure. The energy saving aspect of the building has been enhanced by the installation of coordinated sunshades: eight vertical outdoor roller blinds with the innovative ZIP system, with extruded aluminum C105 box with removable cover, GS40 side channels and FZ47 bottom rail. The fabric belongs to the Resstende Collection: Sunscreen Satinè 5500 – 42% fiberglass 58% PVC – colour Bronze, fire retardant class C1/IT, with optimum resistance to sunlight and atmospheric conditions. The amount of light and heat entering the house is optimized by the motorised blind with integrated remote control and sun/wind sensors.

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