Resstende fencing art at the Botín Center

Resstende fencing art at the Botín Center


Dallas CT110, Extreme System, ZIP System, Ress Flex System


RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop with luis vidal + arquitects


Santander, Spain

Nearly 300 indoor and outdoor roller blinds, the numbers of the project realized by Resstende for the Botín Center in Santander, Spain. The pride of the most recent creations by Resstende for the museum and cultural sector, the intervention sees another time the company of Agrate Brianza, working side by side with the RPBW studio – Renzo Piano Building Workshop – which oversaw the design of the pole in collaboration with luis vidal + arquitects, Madrid-based studio also internationally renowned.


With a great proud Resstende took part to this new important project, creating customized solutions to adapt to the particular architectural structure of the center. Each system was designed ad hoc by the Project Manager Angelo Furia, respecting costumer’s and the Studio RPBW architects’ needs. Increasingly, solar shades is going to become essential architecture part, as a necessary product to filter light in a delicate way, making spaces alive. The ground floor of the both buildings is totally open-air and open to the city life with shops, play and relaxation areas such as a coffee bar and a starred restaurant. Resstende adorned these glass façades with the Dallas CT110 motorized and suspended models with 6 mm steel ropes, which follow the inclined geometry of the roof and the curvature of the façade itself thanks to the elegant satin-finish stainless steel brackets designed ad hoc. The proposed fabric is the Novo Acoustic FR white, which combines a refined effect with a sophisticated technical functionality. The elegant ribbed structure transmits great aesthetic appeal in addition to excellent sound-absorbing properties.


The double-height façades have a ventilated internal cavity, where visual comfort is regulated by three layers: the external that controls light and heat, relying on external motorized systems with steel cables for maximum glass coverage and, for the two interior layers, which alternating in darkening and filtering sun’s rays. Resstende has installed Extreme systems for the external façade and internally ZIP and Ress Flex systems, both customized and able to cover an height of 8 m. The filter fabric used outdoors is the reliable Sunscreen Satiné 5500 white / gray cod. 30201, made by fiberglass and PVC and able to guarantee glare control to avoid the irradiation inside and thus avoid damaging the exposed works. In the interiors, instead, a double self-supporting system on high-height guides allows the light to be regulated with a total black out – in the grey Karellis fabric– thanks to the already proven ZIP system which in this project has been completely integrated into the vertical frame of the window, making the guides are practically invisible. To equip the glasses with a further screen for diffusion light control, RESS FLEX roller systems on steel cables have a white and translucent fabric to increase the diffused brightness in the open spaces.


The Botín Center offers exhibitions, attractions, musical works and open-air cinema, where the people themselves create the movement in architecture and architecture itself. And it is in this design force that Resstende has entered with its shields, which give new vigor to the continuous dialogue between exterior and interior between the city and the beautiful bay of Santander.


” The Centro Botín is a new space for art, culture and the diverse activities of the Fundación Botín. It is constructed in the Jardines de Pereda, on the seafront of the city of Santander in north-western Spain. The project reclaims an area currently used as a car park, restoring it to the city. The site, organized as an extension of the city grid through the existing park, provides direct access from the historic town centre to the sea and enhances visual connections with the water.”  RPBW

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