Resstende in a villa of a thousand and one nights

Resstende in a villa of a thousand and one nights


Boston + Traction kit EVO, ZIP System


CLL, Resstende Srl


Côte d’Azur

A fantastic MANOR overlooking the gulf of Antibes. Crystal clear sea, lush vegetation, always mild climate and “en touche de mondanité” make this location a great place for dream residences. As that designed for a New York studio Resstende projected ad hoc different types of shading: from the horizontal structure lining, which turns into a covered avenue to protect the manor’s entrance to the sea and the fantastic beach, to 54 interior windows, for perfect acoustic and thermal insulation, to cover some patios, for a discreet conviviality.
The “walkthrough” was made with the Boston system, coupled with the Traction kit EVO – for a total surface area of 15 square meters – and a white Soltis 88 fabric (code 48044 white) for unbeatable brightness. Seven systems that follow the entire structure in gray cement (RAL 7033), thus becoming an integral part of the building’s architecture.
For the interior, the innovative Zip systems, uncompromising for delicate privacy, have been used in the Soltis 92 white fabric (code 38044), always elegant and sober.
Lastly, for the coverage of some patios, Cristal fabric, 100% PVC completely transparent, has been used for endless viewing capabilities.
In Antibes, even Resstende is “à la page”.

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