Tjuvholmen Icon Complex

Tjuvholmen Icon Complex


Boston + ZIP System + Freehanging Motor blinds


Renzo Piano Building Workshop


Oslo, Norway

The high-tech motorized roller blinds with shading and black out fabrics installed in the new modern art museum in Oslo, have brought the excellence of “Made in Italy” to the Norwegian Fjords.

The new modern art museum in the Tjuvholmen Icon Complex designed by the architect Renzo Piano was inaugurated in the Norwegian capital last September; its harmonized shape and inconspicuous structure blend  art with the natural land and sea environment: the complex is made up of different volumes united by a single enormous sail that give dynamism to the building and allow sunlight to illuminate the whole structure.

In such a location where light is filtered and harmoniously constrained, Resstende technical blinds just couldn’t fail to be included, the various models and fabrics are perfectly inserted in the stylistic context of the building.

The elemental frame and high tech fabrics used in the Resstende roller blinds tone perfectly with the different areas of the museum and respect the different shading requirements particular to each zone. L1 blinds with a minimal impact frame and Boston blinds have been installed externally using a grey/white Sunscreen Satiné 5500 shading fabric, indoors white Colortex blackout fabrics has been used.

In the exhibition open space of the museum blinds with the revolutionary Zip system have been installed with both shading and blackout fabrics in order to guarantee optimum protection of the works of art from sunlight.

In other areas of the building blinds with pearl/grey DREAM and pearl M-screen fabrics have been mounted.

All the models of blinds installed have motors with state-of-the-art electronic limit switches that guarantee silent operation and integration with the building automation system that controls various equipment in the complex.

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