White emotions: the white charm of Resstende

White emotions: the white charm of Resstende


Motorised system: custom project


PS+A/Palomba Serafini Associati – Ludovica + Roberto Palomba


Gallipoli, Italy

In Gallipoli, a city blessed by the sun, the light can turn into a bitter enemy if not properly calibrated; the desire for a bright house, alive and vibrant, it would not be possible without a careful control of light, realized thanks to internal and external solar shading. In addition, the home location has imposed the need to provide for large windows systems able to guarantee not only the environmental comfort but also the right privacy.


On the ground floor, in addition to the reception area, is situated the temple of well-being with an indoor pool. In this environment Resstende installed a shading system designed not only to conceal the intimacy that this area requires but also to ensure maximum resistance to humid environments. There are three internal blackout roller blinds installed to achieve this goal, combined with shading E-Screen fabrics composed by 36% fiberglass and 64% PVC. Even the white here is the great protagonist.


Through a candid spiral staircase – a focal point of the house – connecting all floors, we reach the first level where there are the bedrooms. Here Resstende has designed a dual system that combines in the same vertical structure a ZIP roller blind against glass to obscure completely the environments, combined with a shading decorative fabric of the White Inspiration from the collection of Laylight, characterized by white frames that generate refined effects although tone on tone.


Along the corridor leading to the private rooms of the floor, three motorized systems have been positioned with the fabric Tracce from the Laylightcollection, that creates a unique environment thanks to the play of light, shadows and reflections generated from it.


On the second floor there are also the living areas with a double-height living room, connected to the kitchen, designed as a greenhouse where a lot of plants are found. It is in this environment that Resstende has tested all its savoir-faire joining its soul purely artisanal to the contemporary needs.


Technical and decoration blend perfectly here to ensure sobriety and elegance that this environment imposes. Eight external motorized roller blinds, which exceeds 4 m in height, have been matched to the fabric Sunscreen Satiné 5500 White that guarantees best protection in the light and heat while preserving the natural brightness and total visibility on the extraordinary landscape outside.


The functionality of the solution is ensured by a Traction system for optimum tension even in the presence of strong wind that characterizes the area. Inside, ten roller blinds adorn the spaces with the decorative fabric Miraggio, designed exclusively for the textile collection Laylight.


photo: ©Fabio Di Carlo