The futuristic Medelan wears Resstende sun screens

The futuristic Medelan wears Resstende sun screens

In an increasingly hybrid world, in which workspaces merge with those of private life, the philosophy behind the new large urban projects is also changing. The Medelan is one example. Born from the idea of redeveloping the most iconic architectural complexes in the Cordusio area of Milan, The Medelan project is signed by Studio GLA, on the initiative of DeA Capital Real Estate SGR, as manager of the Broggi Fund with PAREF in the role of advisor.

A vast redevelopment program that led the client to turn to the best partners in the individual sectors. Strengthened by the well-established direction of Milano Contract District, Resstende answered the call for the design and installation of internal solar shading systems. Thanks to its professionalism and the attention to every detail, the roller blinds have been designed to protect the spaces from excessive radiation. This not only allows you to “dress” the building with a Made in Italy product of the highest quality, but also contributes to the acquisition of the LEED score, necessary for the homonymous certification. Thanks to their intrinsic technical qualities, Resstende products contribute to the reduction of the building’s environmental impact. The attention paid by the client in the careful choice of materials and suppliers has ensured that The Medelan won the highest certification, LEED Platinum, which provides a score of at least 80 points (40 more at the basic level).

From the perspective of urban redevelopment, the study of the functionality of spaces is fundamental today in view of an increasingly widespread mix of uses. The office is no longer just an “office” but is transformed into a meeting place. Here the hi-tech meeting rooms are expertly flanked by living areas for relaxing moments of pause. Workspaces move away from the classic static to which we are all used to and become changing environments suitable for different needs. Finally, with a view to resimercial design, The Madelan project promotes the tendency to bring typically residential comforts to “office” environments. This is the reason that led Studio GLA to design a terrace on a human scale and hi-tech workstations designed to offer the best to the people who will occupy them.

Photographs: Milano Contract District / Davide Arena

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