Resstende installs the solar screens and interior blinds of Bianca Relais

Resstende installs the solar screens and interior blinds of Bianca Relais

Bianca Relais is the new jewel of Lombard hospitality. Owned by the Lecco entrepreneurial family Spreafico, it has undergone a 360 ° redevelopment based on a project by architects Rita Consonni and Carlotta Manzoni. Giuseppe Manzoni was chosen for the furnishings and design and for the realization of the Spreafico family’s dream, it was decided to rely on the best suppliers on the market, therefore, to contact the network of Theatro companies that collaborate for architectural projects from high added value. Resstende, main partner of Theatro, was selected for the proven precision and quality of the completely custom made products that it produces based on the needs of the individual client.

The exteriors

The large glazed elevations that characterize the façade have been designed in order to create a continuous dialogue between the indoor and outdoor environment. This entailed the study, by Resstende, of the most suitable solution to screen the excessive irradiation of the interiors without an intervention that was invasive. For the external facades, overlooking the lake, the Ress Flex 01 model of the L1 Series was selected, a guided roller system designed specifically for external applications. A choice of refined blinds, with clean aesthetics and functional technology. A peculiarity of the system is the extreme adaptability that allows you to vary the distance of the cable from the wall directly on site and change the possible position of the plate with respect to the support surfaces, so sloping ceilings or walls do not present a problem. All 14 systems installed have a round FD42 backdrop in extruded aluminum adequately ballasted and a Ø78 roller in galvanized steel with ogive to facilitate the maintenance of the fabric. The widths of the systems range from 220 up to 471 cm for a constant height of 275 cm. The finish of the structure is in matt black RAL 9005. The fabric chosen for the exteriors is the Sunscreen Satiné 5500, Anthracite color – cod. 30030, fireproof and composed of 42% fiberglass and 58% PVC, it has an opening of 4%.


Bianca Relais looks like a boutique hotel in which to welcome guests with the typical warmth of a home. The proposed experience is authentic and tailored every time. This is why each room has been designed to offer a different leisure experience. All 10 have their own character and well-defined personality. To better frame the view of the placid lake environment and of the lake itself from each room of the luxurious Bianca Relais, Resstende has installed curled blinds with ECR 50 motorized track and tear-off movement. There are two textile levels: a shading one from the Colortex range to enjoy the lake view and a darkening one from the Dream range to guarantee the privacy of guests. The motorized track communicates with the home automation of the building automation system provided by Schneider Electric for each room. Upon entering, the guest directly manages the opening of the blinds themselves with the opening of the bedroom door. The movement and darkening of the shades can also be managed from the head of the bed. The widths of the systems vary from 205 up to 455 cm for a height of 252 cm. For the lake view rooms, in addition to the internal curled systems, the roller screens on the façade shield the direct sunlight, making the internal environment comfortable and above all, thanks to the choice of technical shading fabric, they allow the eye not to lose the splendid outdoor panorama.


System: 14 Ress Flex 01  roller blinds with motor drive.

Dimensions W 220/355/471 x H 275 cm

13 blinds with ECR 50 motorized rail

Dimensions W 205/375/455 x H 252 cm

Fabric: Sunscreen Satiné 5500 – Anthracite color cod. 30030 for external roller blinds

Soft Colortex shading fabric and Dream soft blackout fabric for the curtains inside the bedrooms


Location: Oggiono (Lecco)

Total area: 3,500 square meters

Work start / end date: 2017-2020

Client: Lago Futuro Srl

Designer: Giuseppe Manzoni

Architects: Rita Consonni, Carlotta Manzoni

Engineer: Alberto Invernizzi

Photographs: Marcello Mariana