With the opening of a headquarter in China, Resstende reaches a new goal pioneering ambitious architectural projects of international relevance.
The operation has been successfully concluded thanks to the agreement with a local partner, able to guarantee the delivery of business quality standards at job sites in a market with peculiar dynamics.
Resstende is not new to operations in the Middle East: more than a decade ago a very fruitful partnership with the Japanese company Tachikawa Corporation started and has allowed the company to reach interesting goals in the Nipponese land.

The new ambitious project in China in based on the consolidated collaboration with the studio RPBW, that chose Resstende as partner for the technical development of the working site JNBY HEADQUARTERS PROJECT. Resstende was able to leap at this chance with perfect timing, founding a new business unit in loco. Starting from the technical development process of the building site JNBY from RPBW at Hangzhou, Resstende has grown also its commercial network, relying on a new and ambitious local representation. The latter resulted in a pragmatic joint venture with Shanghai Noosa, that has allowed the creation of a dedicated unit for the exclusive sale in the whole Chinese territory. Today Resstende appoints Kenzo Tamada as the Manager responsible for the Chinese branch. Kenzo Tamada is the professional spokesman of the Resstende Export Team developing, managing and taking care of the clients and international projects consolidating the dialogue with China and Japan.

A space of 700 sq.m with reception, meeting room, workshop stations and managerial offices, where a pool of more than 10 dedicated experts, makes Resstende Shanghai Noosa the starting point for the business development in this country. It is estimated to be an interesting venture from the working site’s prestige and the collaboration with local professionals’ point of view. The Chinese branch is a sign for business growth that has started the conquest of international markets, bringing the quality and know-how of its Italian manufactures at the service of new economic contests.

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