Resstende technology meets the charm of the liberty style

Resstende technology meets the charm of the liberty style

The Grand Hotel Victoria in Menaggio is one of the most renowned Art Nouveau masterpieces around Lake Como. Already a diamond in hospitality, following the complete renovation of the internal spaces and the external area, by Studio Pè Architettura & Design, the hotel becomes a reference point for the entire Lombard basin. Resstende, within the broader framework of the Theatro network, contributed to the redevelopment work by designing the solar shading systems for the complex.
Several areas have been embellished with the blinds of the Agrate company: from the entrance located in the historic wing in Art Nouveau style, to the spectacular glass tunnel that connects the old to the new, from the well-equipped fitness area, to the perimeter walkway that allows you to appreciate the outdoor garden with swimming pool and solarium.
A real gem of hospitality which, following the redevelopment work, integrates the Art Nouveau charm with the most luxurious comforts and cutting-edge technological equipment.


Crossing the hotel door you enter the hall in full nineteenth-century style, where 8 motorized RessFlex systems have found their home, refined blinds equipped with cables that integrate with sophisticated elegance in these historic spaces, enriching them with style without weighing them down. The RessFlex system has a peculiarity: the extreme adaptability that allows you to vary the distance of the cable from the wall directly on site, thus changing the position of the plate with respect to the support surfaces. In this way, sloping ceilings and walls are no longer an obstacle during assembly. 110×120 mm fixing brackets, with painted galvanized iron counterplates that also allow you to vary the inclination of the counterplate at intervals of 22 °, thus moving the cable away from the wall and adapting to the best. The roller Ø78 mm in galvanized steel with ogive facilitates the maintenance of the fabric. The round backdrop FD42 is adequately ballasted. All selected accessories are black.

The glass tunnel that connects the historic wing to the one just built is protected from the sun thanks to 24 Mini Flex motorised roller systems. This solution allows you to shade vertically. For the external horizontal covering of the tunnel and the entire perimeter, 47 models of Veranda were created with 6 mm stainless steel cable equipped with Soltis Perform 92 shading fabric in the Black color cod. 38053, to better adapt to the structure. The Veranda system consists of an awning with a refined and robust design, equipped with stainless steel cables, designed specifically for the horizontal covering of windows outside.
The hall of the Grand Hotel Victoria is enriched with another 14 solar shading systems by Resstende. Finally, the same model of blind, in 33 modules, was positioned in the cozy and intimate relaxation area equipped with an internal walkway.

All installed models have 80×92 mm fixing brackets with support cover and 4 mm stainless steel cable. The FD35 round backdrop is in extruded aluminium suitably ballasted with galvanized iron profile and equipped with side caps and eyelets for sliding on the guide.
Both systems, RessFlex and MiniFlex, are dressed in the Soltis Perform 92 shading fabric, in the stone gray shade – cod. 38171.

The Soltis Perform 92 fabric acts as a real heat shield, blocking up to 97% of the heat when installed outdoors. The multiple chromatic availability makes it an excellent choice in the architectural field, to better adapt to any design request. This micro perforated textile is a product that can offer excellent thermal performance, both indoors and outdoors, limiting the greenhouse effect. It guarantees transparency without glare, preserving visibility to the outside and ensuring the privacy of the occupants.
The textile choice, today more than ever, is of great importance in the design phase. It allows to reduce the energy costs of the building giving a plus to the entire architectural structure.

Crediti di progetto
Luogo: Menaggio (Como)
Area totale: 10.400 mq + 2700 mq autorimesse
Data inizio/fine lavori: dicembre 2018-febbraio 2021
Committente: R Collection Hotels
Progetto: Studio Pè Architettura & Design
Photographs: Theatro / Marcello Mariana

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