This refers to window coverings which are used to block, prevent, or filter light and at the same time insulate the windows utilizing energy consumption or its savings. They occur in single, double and triple cells. It is used not on windows alone, but also on doors. Research has shown that it has helped in a very great total thermal loss especially in winter and also helps prevent undesired heat in summer. It gives a sort of cool or warm energy when the air in the room collides with the shades of the doors or windows. They hold trapped air, circulate them around the room, and at the same time create an opposition between the window surface and the room. Although their action is a very slight control of sir influx, yet, they are perfect thermal controller.

Shades are not made of hard materials like window blinds. They can provide an excellent sleeping condition by removing all the light present in the room and resulting in a total blackout. They are also used with other window treatments to raise high and lower down with a string. In infant rooms, they reduce the risk of strangulation. They give privacy to the user. It is cost effective as curtains may not be used.

The pros and cons of shades are the following:


  • On a cold day, a newly installed shade makes cool air disappear. It traps the air that traps through it and makes it comfortable for you. Hence, they save a lot of energy bills.
  • It is safer for kids to handle, unlike cords, in that they can be easily lifted or lowered by hand. Wherever you let go, there it stays. It has a cleaner look, and the appearance is quite apparent. They are designed in a way that an infant cannot get hung in between the cords, the strings are apart, thereby keeping them safe.
  • It prevents noise coming in from the outside and as a result of this becomes the perfect solution against noisy neighbours. It is an ideal system for any place great privacy is needed, but a view of the outside is still desired. So, areas like the bathroom, bedroom or windows facing the front of the house can be considered safe with privacy guaranteed.
  • They are cost friendly. In fact, most people are surprised at how affordable they are. They have been in the market for years and are produced in a larger quantity year by year even at a reasonable price. The joy of it is that companies due to competition, keep their prices down and even ridiculous to attract more businesses.
  • They provide a nice and uniform appearance to the outside world because of their neutral backing.
  • It is highly durable.


  • Minimal designs are available
  • It cannot be adjustable easily because of the cords.
  • Maintenance is high and not pocket-friendly.
  • They are difficult to clean unlike blinds because shades are made of absorbent materials.

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