Sustainability first

Sustainability first

The concept of sustainability has entered our homes, our way of speaking and our vision of the world and the future. Today being green has several facets, one for each aspect of life that we take into consideration.

By focusing on buildings, homes and offices, we notice that new buildings are increasingly being designed according to innovative rules. This leads the architect or designer to choose the best partners to achieve high performance with the lowest possible energy consumption. «It is a true” construction philosophy “that drives continuous research and selective analysis of the market to find high-level suppliers who can actively contribute to the construction of the building. Resstende is all of this. Collaborating with architects and designers attentive to the needs of the Earth and of the human being as such is always stimulating and pushes us to seek ever new solutions», explains Fabio Gasparini, president of the company.

The Resstende branded solar screens are part of the small and renowned “green community” GREENiTOP® circle. What does all this mean? Within the context of LEED® certified sustainable buildings, choosing Resstende solutions allows you to accumulate the credits necessary to obtain LEED certificates. Born in April 2020, today this is a globally recognized standard for eco-friendly construction and is now applied in 40 countries. «For Resstende, being sustainable means creating effective shields that reduce the environmental impact of the building and are perfectly integrated with the architectural vision as a whole. In a constantly evolving urban context, it is essential to contribute to the regeneration of environments from a green perspective. Providing custom made solutions that increase the LEED score gives us an edge and allows us to be present on the world scene with collaborations of absolute prestige», comments Gasparini.

Sustainability is a 360 ° approach. Resstende solar screens allow to reduce energy waste deriving from excessive radiation. Thanks to the performance deriving from the use of high-performance and high-quality fabrics, and thanks to the intrinsic structure of the system, the screens block the sun’s rays and, at the same time, avoid the formation of the greenhouse effect, with an evident benefit in terms of consumption for cooling the rooms.

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