The new perspectives for 2021

The new perspectives for 2021

Resstende is a company well rooted in Lombardy and in the Italian market, but for the next two years it aims to have an increasingly strong presence on some target markets at an international level.
China remains one of the focuses in the expansion strategy. The Resstende Shanghai Noosa headquarters, coordinated by Kenzo Tamada, will be the launch pad for an expansion throughout the Continent. The physical presence at R + T Asia, which will be held in Shanghai in March 2021, will be fundamental.

«Being able to resume direct contact and with customers is fundamental for us. Digital is a valid and useful tool to keep the relationship with counterparts all over the world alive in this moment of emergency, but nothing is like the physical encounter. R + T Asia is the first step towards the much desired return to normal activity ”, comments Fabio Gasparini – Resstende General Manager.

The other target markets range from the European continent to the American one. «At Resstende we do not set limits and we are always attentive to the development of new possibilities. In Europe there are still niche markets in which we are emerging as a reality of reference. It is not necessary to cross the oceans to find gold, just cross the Adriatic Sea. The Balkan countries and Greece are in a moment of strong expansion for what concerns our sector. A new awareness is developing regarding design and high quality in the solar shading. Moving to a diametrically opposite context, the United States and Canada are proving to be an excellent interlocutor for large-scale and highly resonant projects.

Made in Italy means quality, what is most sought and appreciated by customers abroad and that has always distinguished us. To conquer international markets, you need to focus on the quality, giving attention to detail and to the love that the craftsman instills in his products », concludes Fabio Gasparini

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