The roller blind becomes an author’s canvas at MAXXI L’Aquila

The roller blind becomes an author’s canvas at MAXXI L’Aquila

photo: Agostino Osio, Alto Piano studio – Courtesy Fondazione MAXXI

One of the most particular Resstende “roller blinds” of all time is installed in the recently inaugurated museum MAXXI L’Aquila.

The company is used to dialogue with artists, architects and designers but, at the base of this particular realization, there is a new concept, abstract but extremely real: the roller blind that becomes art. Transcending its “physical” being, this element becomes the key to the story of a unique experience in one’s soul and vehicle for the artist’s testimony.

Alberto Garutti created “Access to the present” for one of the halls of the new MAXXI L’Aquila museum complex. The National Museum of 21st Century Arts is housed within the typically baroque spaces of Palazzo Ardinghelli. One of the jewels of the Abruzzo city, the palace has been listed among national monuments since 1902. An impactful location that opened its doors to the public, in the new role of MAXXI L’Aquila, for the first time in May 2021.

Alberto Garutti‘s work finds its home in a large space that leaves the viewer time to pause to observe the details of the installation, the slow and continuous movement, almost hypnotizing. This is where the design by Resstende comes into play, which thanks to the senior project manager Angelo Furia has been able to respond to the needs of art: on the rollers positioned at a precise distance, a roller blind runs seamlessly and becomes an author’s canvas. The backgrounds of color, usually used as a background for an image, follow one another in a slow and almost imperceptible movement, capturing the eye and the attention of the beholder. «“ Accedere al presenteis the narration of a story; an elementary gear designed to show the indecipherable enigma of the gaze, “says the author.

Certainly the visual impact of this work of art is remarkable and always different. The rotation of colors, the light and shadow that change with the passing of the hours, the mood and past experiences of the viewer are some of the elements that contribute to creating a different experience for each observer. «Just as half of our existence flows during the night, some parts of the work they will be visible only at night, when no one will be able to enter the room to look at it», Garutti comments.

«Being present on the national and international scene is everyday life for Resstende. However, a test like the one we passed together with Alberto Garruti has an aura of novelty. The beauty of this company lies in the flexibility of the solutions we offer to customers, whether they are solar shading for exteriors, interior blinds or true works of art! This installation makes us proud and makes us understand how many possibilities there are still beyond the horizon to grow», concludes Angelo Furia.

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