Fabio Gasparini

Chief Executive Officer


Riccardo Gasparini

Export Sales Director | Marketing director


Carlotta Gasparini

Administrative Director | Human Resources


Maurizio Radaelli

Plant Manager


Roberto Lupi

Sales Director – Italy


Simone Paolotti

Purchasing Manager

Alessandro Airoldi

Administration & Personnel Office


Claudio Sironi

Administration & Personnel Office

Danilo Destro

Technical Contact for Resellers

Stefania Confalonieri

Sales & Distribution Office

Monica Montalbano

Sales & Distribution Office

Silvia Besana

Sales & Distribution Office

Danila Casiraghi

Customer Service

Gionata Bilardello

Sales Officer


Saverio Mini

Sales Technician


Angelo Vismara

Sales Technician – Italy Contract

Katia Arosio

Sales & Contracting Office

Sabrina Meregalli

Sales & Contracting Office

Joris Biffi

Export Manager


Simone Cazzaniga


Export Sales Office

Angelo Furia

Project Manager | R&D


Rossella Gerosa

Project Manager


Gaetano Russo

Mechanical Engineer | Technical Department

Simone Pesenti

Architect | Technical Department

Rossella Di Maro

Technical Department


Francesca Fanizza

Technical Office | Marketing Office


Alice Guardassoni

Marketing Manager


Simona Bello

Marketing Department


Giulio Roca

Production Manager

Marco Cirincione

Logistics Manager

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