Roller Blinds

Are you wondering what these are or you know about them already but not enough information? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Roller blind refers to a kind of window covering which is a unique type and one of the most known blind type done. They basically are known for their versatility because of the many usages they’ve got. We will examine this versatility soon even as we do a quick look into its history.

Ever imagined how a house would have looked without a Roller blind? Or do you see Roller blind as a modern technology?  Well, it can be traced way back to the ancient Egyptians and how they went about their windows covering. The Ancient Egyptians didn’t only use cloth sheets in covering their windows but also use reeds which could be rolled up or down. Their roller blinds are said to be narrow strips of palm ribs which are of the same length and are joined together at the edges with woven cords. This, of course, is like the modern day Roller Blind which we can choose to roll up to allow enough ventilation or can be rolled down to control the amount of light which could enter one’s room and disrupt one’s sleep, especially in summers. Roller blinds sort out prevent people outside from seeing what’s on in peoples room and at this moment gives the man in the room his own privacy.

Not only in Ancient Egypt can one trace the history of Roller blinds but also can be traced to how the Ancient Chinese used Bamboo to make their window coverings. The Bamboos are made into mats and are they have wooden cords. The mats also like the reeds of the Egyptians can be rolled up or down. The mats do not only control the amount of light entering the room or prevent much heat from entering, but they also give privacy, Practicality, flexibility to its usage – all these shows how the modern roller blind can be regarding Versatility, right?

To an extent too, modern-day roller blind can be associated with the Romans. We all know the reign of the Romans which started from the construction of the Roman roads and hence there is a need to prevent dust from entering their houses which resulted in improvisation for Roller Blinds. Also, there was a need for shade because of the Mediterranean Sun. They had to cover their windows with some strips of Cloth which over time, they developed into Blinds. These were called Romans blinds and looked more or less like a thicker kind of Curtain. The Romans were said to be the first to pull the fabric back upon itself instead of just using Bamboo like the Egyptians and Chinese.

Roller blinds in modern day are used much more than for just privacy reasons but also now seen as a means of beautification and home refurbishing. They are made from cloth seeing how the price of fabric has become affordable by most people due to revolution.

Resstende produces a vast range of roller blinds for indoor or outdoor applications. Manual (chain or crank) or motorised roller blinds are available and the large number of accessories offered means that there is a system for every necessity. Externally mounted roller blinds reduce the percentage of solar energy transmitted through the window pane, hence consenting a substantial energy saving thanks to a minor need for air conditioning.

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Roller Blinds