Dedicate precious time to training, combined with professionalism and continuous research, is the foundation of company success. It is with this premise that the production departments of Resstende and the auditorium of the new headquarters in Arcore were the scene of a succession of training days dedicated to retailers in the Italian territory accompanied by their respective area managers.

Opening the dance are the Piedmontese guests of Marco De Marchi, owner of DeMa Group, to follow the Sicilian guests of EMMEBI, represented by Alfredo Belluso, followed by Pompei Service with Danilo and Mattia Pompei and the retailers of the Lazio region, again from Tuscany Francesco Usella, the outdoor specialist supported by the partner Santo Azzarello, to finally arrive at the last appointment of the year 2023 with Zorzi Reppresentanze, a twenty-year collaborator and the retailers of the Veneto areas.

Gian Piero Zorzi, owner of Zorzi Rappresentanze commented: “It is with great enthusiasm that we accepted the invitation to participate in the Resstende Academy because, as commercial men in the area, we recognize the importance of fully understanding the potential of all the Resstende products that we have been offering to our customers for some time and even more so the new products that will be presented to the market in 2024“.

Andrea Zorzi continues: “We feel part of a big family and this training day, which we will repeat starting from January 2024 involving other professionals, is the result of meetings, encounters and synergistic phone calls with the Gasparini family. We are proud to be able to be by their side every day.

New appointments are already scheduled in the 2024 agenda to continue the cycle of meetings on behalf of RESS Academy.