The eagerly anticipated R+T trade fair in Stuttgart, returning after a hiatus of six years, promises to be filled with excitement. Resstende cannot afford to miss this event and will be present at booth 3B71 to unveil a sneak peek of astonishing innovations resulting from years of Research and Development (R&D) activities. These include exclusive and technical systems designed to meet the needs of designers and architects.

Panorama emerges as one of Resstende’s distinctive new offerings, introducing an innovative lateral sliding shading system. Following this, the acclaimed patented Zip system incorporates the Blackout zipper with tape, concealing any residual light. The New Zip Total Blackout system ensures complete darkness without the need for additional profiles.

Continuing the lineup is the New Traction Kit, a restyling of the exclusive forced traction device designed for external systems, now featuring an even more essential design and advanced functional performance. Production has been optimized, and installation simplified, making the system accessible to a broader audience.

Lastly, the introduction of the patented Zoomtech® Technology in the rollers represents a significant leap forward in solar shading. This revolutionary innovation guarantees extreme dimensions while minimizing the roller’s footprint and eliminating any bending. The result is a cutting-edge solution that offers a more efficient and versatile solar shading experience, redefining the concept of sun protection.

Fabio Gasparini, CEO of Resstende, states, “We have been participating in this crucial internationally relevant event since the early ’90s, and this year, we will do it in grand style by presenting these significant innovations to the market. If there’s one characteristic that sets us apart, it’s our determination to find optimal, innovative, practical, and functional solutions, as well as design-oriented solutions, and today we can showcase this to everyone attending the fair.”