Resstende presents its new site! The new version of digital showcase for the company in Agrate Brianza has recently been made available online, with a USER-FRIENDLY website that is fast, bearing an entirely intuitive interface for navigation that can be enjoyed without impediment.  

The new website has gone live, one year after the presentation of the project for the new corporate headquarters, set to become the company’s physical showcase in 2022. The operation forms part of the OVERALL RENEWAL OF THE COMPANY’S CORPORATE IMAGE and the activities for the digital transition of the company, coming one after the other in a continuous stream of innovations. 

The decision to give a new look to the site arose from the need to always keep up with arising market demands and to render the contents usable for all users, individuals and architectural firms. Motivating the stylistic reinterpretation of the visual aspects was the goal of achieving a fresh, young and innovative result, along with the inclusion of exclusive content. 

Visit the new website by CLICKING HERE