Resstende has chosen Shanghai as a bridge city to the Asian market in 2021, the year in which Resstende Shanghai Noosa headquarters was born. Today, after a period of restrictions on travel abroad, the company management has returned to the East, reinforcing that fundamental work of comparison and collaboration with the major local and international architectural studios.

Joris Biffi, Export Manager of Resstende: “We recently made a trip to China – where we are active with our RESSTENDE SHANGHAI NOOSA headquarters – and to Korea. In both countries we have found a market that is increasingly attentive to novelties, but above all to quality products. There is a lot of excitement and there are many residential and commercial projects involving companies and products from the West, obviously including Resstende systems”.

A project is under development, which sees the collaboration of Resstende Italia and Resstende Shanghai Noosa. It is an entirely customized work developed jointly between Italy and China, an example of mutual collaboration. In this regard, the meetings between the company and local players were very stimulating, in particular with the Marco Piva Shanghai architecture studio, which, like Resstende, promotes the Made in Italy model in China.

The trip to South Korea was the first scouting visit for Resstende. We knew that the Korean market is competitive both economically and qualitatively, but Resstende Italy-Shanghai tandem was also very successful in Seoul where a new collaboration will soon be born with a company specialized in the Contract sector operating in the South Korean market” – concludes Joris Biffi.