We are thrilled to share the great success of the inauguration of PRESSO, the new vibrant location located at Via Aosta 4 in Milan, which opened its doors to the public on March 21st.

Resstende had the honor of being part of this unique event, showcasing its solar shading solutions that captured the attention of all attendees. In particular, we installed two motorized roller blinds, SG 216 model, with a matt black structure, which contributed to defining the spaces elegantly and functionally.

One of the blinds was made with the shading fabric Soltis Touch 3% in opal color code 53947, characterized by excellent solar and light properties. This choice was also determined by its remarkable sound absorption, improving not only visual comfort but also acoustical comfort for the occupants of PRESSO.

The second blind, on the other hand, was made with the blackout fabric Darktex in the white color variant code 32400, ensuring privacy and intimacy within the environment.

Furthermore, we enriched the environment with two curtains installed on a glossy white NOVO motorized track. The double and blackout fabric with a neutral tone completes the aesthetics and functionality of PRESSO spaces.

PRESSO is much more than just a location: a home for every occasion, a place designed to be lived freely and creatively, offering a wide range of services to customize the experience of its visitors. Here, you can work, cook, relax, and discover new products in a warm, welcoming, and constantly evolving environment.

Saverio Mini, Sales Manager at Resstende, commented: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate again with PRESSO, contributing with the installation of our solar shading solutions. We firmly believe in this project that embodies versatility and creativity, offering a unique and stimulating experience to all who visit.”

We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration and further contributing to the success of this extraordinary location.